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2 min readOct 7, 2021


Are you still curious about who is the artist behind The Mustachios? Well, he is not revealing himself, but we can give you a glimpse of his personality.

This secretive-taciturn artist hiding under the character Boii Mustache uses different mediums in his works. His focus is on traditional painting, oils, and pencils. His painting style is realism, evident in his black and white paintings.

As time went by, he saw the sprouting growth of Digital Artworks. He became so interested in 3D digital art and as well as custom toys.

He thought of personifying his physical character to 3D Digital Art. A rare coincidence, a sketch given by someone so special to him surfaces. He used it to become his prodigy and named it Boii Mustache which resembles the artist himself, a long-haired guy with a nevus in his lower left eye and, of course, the legendary mustache.

With the idea of becoming whoever he want to be, he started creating different unique mustache-beings. From colors to mood to concept, The Mustachios was born, a creative collaboration between the artist Boii Mustache and the Ownly Team.

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