More About Marso: The Artist Behind Ownly’s Upcoming NFT Collection

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In our third NFT collection this year, we’ll be working with an artist whose works have already made a breakthrough in the crypto space — the one and only Marso!

Marso is a fine arts graduate at the Technological University of the Philippines. She has been a graphic designer and graphic artist for 8 years, specializing in illustrations, merch, and packaging designs.

Marso describes her art style as candy-colored kaleidoscopic fractal figures of geometric and polygonal vectors. According to her, James Jean, Inkten, T-Wei, and Victo Ngai are the biggest influences in her work.

Now, join us as she shares her favorite art piece and gives us some advice on how she developed her career as an NFT artist.

How do you seek opportunities and cultivate a collector base?

Through curation and consistency of my work, I was able to reach out to collectors. I also build connections with people who share the same purpose and interest. Some artists are my collectors as well.

What do you consider as your best work so far?

I’d say my best so far is my recent work entitled “passionate”. It was my first time mixing a little bit of perspective into my work. I like the idea of growth and when it’s executed perfectly, I feel like it’s a milestone of development for my future artworks.

What does your work aim to say?

My art is usually psychedelic-themed. I believe there’s energy in flowing lines and colors. Through my art, I give out the visual value of happiness.

My art is also my therapy where I put out the energy and emotions. Later in life, I realized that art is not about how visually good it is, but how it can connect to the hearts of its viewers.

As an artist, what do you think about NFTs and how has it helped your career?

NFT is a tool to cultivate what’s coming next to the multiverse. Through NFTs, I was able to turn my hobby into a career.

I remember the times when I could only draw and express myself freely on weekends or whenever I have free time from corporate work. I was just an illustrator back then who hopes to be commissioned by brands.

I used to rely so much on companies and brands just to earn and get a project. Most of the time, I would ditch the idea of freely expressing myself just to meet corporate standards and trends. But everything changed when NFTs became a thing.

Now, what I make is from the roots of my creative soul and I’m so happy that people appreciate what I do. It feels so surreal for my works to be collected by other people. Through the invention of NFTs, I can finally say that now is a revolutionary time to be a digital artist.

That’s every insightful information from our lovely and radiant featured artist! Stay updated so you can see her creative process and be the first one to explore her upcoming collection.

For now, you can check out the remaining NFTs in our marketplace!

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