Ownly Partners with Crypto Art PH in Nurturing the Community of Filipino NFT Artists

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2 min readApr 19, 2022


Since last year, Ownly has established its name in the local NFT scene in the Philippines. One community that comes to mind is Crypto Art PH founded by DEADAGE and led by Kapitan Jopet Arias.

This April, along with our target to open the doors of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad, we’re forming a special partnership with Crypto Art PH in onboarding more Filipino artists in the NFT industry.

About Crypto Art PH

Crypto Art PH is a community-driven group supporting Filipino crypto artists.

Crypto Art PH aims to build and provide a platform for Filipino artists to bridge the gap between culture and web3 so they can tell the story of Filipino culture through EdTech focused on Filipino artists empowered by the blockchain-based economy.

Most of the ideas in the community are developed inside the “talyer” channel on their Discord server. Artists share their ideas, knowledge, and expertise in art, technology, and personal experiences to learn from each other.

About the Partnership

As part of our Ownly Market Artist Launchpad launch, Crypto Art PH will help curate the artists and their NFT collections from within the community.

This will further improve the NFT scene in the Philippines as the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad aims to showcase works from gifted artists all over the nation, while providing them with a platform that does the work for them.

More details about the Ownly Market Artist Launchpad in our next article. Make sure to turn your notifications on to get the latest updates from Ownly.

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