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Ownly Updates #4: August 2021 Milestones

August went by smoothly and ended with a bang! Our token reached an all-time high, we sold more than half of our latest NFT collection, and announced another exciting collaboration! Here are all the achievements that our team celebrated for this month:

1. Doubled Initial Liquidity from $100K to $200K+ in The First Week

In the first week of August, we doubled our initial liquidity from $100K to more than $200K. In the same week, our native token OWN reached 4x growth in just a few days after our IDO launch!

We are grateful for our OWN holders who continue to believe in the value that OWN can give in both the NFT and Crypto world. Truly, our low market cap altcoin has the potential for exponential growth over time!

Learn more about OWN and its Tokenomics here.

2. Sold 3 Uncommon Inkvadyrz for 1.5 ETH

Last August 10, we sold 3 UNCOMMON Cards from Lei Melendres’ Inkvadyrz collection. Each was sold for 0.5 ETH or a total of 1.5 ETH ($4758). We’re happy we handed over Shroom, Boxhead, and the Hyde and to their new rightful owners.

We believe everyone in the NFT community is slowly recognizing the magnificence of Lei’s artistry.

Get your hands on the few remaining cards from his collection on Opensea before someone else snatches them!

3. Pool Staking — Stake SRKb and Earn OWN at SparkDefi

Starting August 16, SRKb holders can now participate in the Pool-Based Staking in SparkDefi to Earn OWN!

Click here to join.

4. Pool Staking — Stake OWN and Earn OWN at SparkDefi

There are many ways to maximize the value of our token. By joining our Pool Staking at SparkDefi using OWN, you’ll get more of our native token as a reward. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Stake here.

5. Liquidity Staking at SparkSwap

You can also join our $OWN-#BNB Liquidity Staking in Sparkswap with a $30K Total $OWN Rewards. Aside from that, 1 lucky liquidity provider will get an NFT reward from us before September ends!

Don’t pass on this opportunity!

6. OWN-BUSD pair on PancakeSwap with Initial Added Liquidity of $50K

We are now listed on PancakeSwap (OWN-BUSD pair) with an initial added liquidity of $50K making it tradable on the exchange. This is just the beginning. Soon you can also trade OWN on other international exchanges.

For now, you can get OWN through Pancakeswap here.

7. New Artist Reveal — Marso

We are so thrilled to announce our collaboration with Marso, a vibrant female artist that you’ll get to know in October! Her kaleidoscopic fractal figures of geometric illustrations are a reflection of her warm and cheerful personality. With 8 years of experience in art and design and her passion for promoting NFTs, we know this artist is going to bring a lot of color to her art and our Ownly community!

8. Breached $400K Total Liquidity Mark

From an initial added liquidity (OWN-BNB pair) of $100K, we now breached more than $418K. We’re so happy about this tremendous growth!

Next target we’ll reach $500k soon!

9. $1.3M+ Market Cap

From our initial low market cap of $90K, we now have grown to more than $1.3M. With this growth, the possibilities for our token and projects for our Ownly community are endless!

Next target to reach $2M soon!

10. Sold 66% of Mustachio During Pre-Sale With a Total Sale of 16.8ETH

Last but certainly the least, The Mustachiosthe first-ever NFT tales in the NFT world had a successful presale with a total of 16.8 ETH in sales!

We’re thrilled that 66 of the 100 GENESIS generation of our Mustachios already began their adventure!

The remaining 34 are ready to be minted and are calling for you to join their journey and unfold their story!

Enter the Mustachioverse Here!

That’s everything for August! We’re almost approaching the last quarter of the year. But we know September will have some good surprises for us first! Let’s celebrate again in our next update. For now, let’s all say: To the Moon!

Check out our NFT Collection:

Ownly Marketplace: https://ownly.io/marketplace/
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/assets/ownly
Foundation: https://foundation.app/ownly
TryShowtime: https://tryshowtime.com/ownly
OnCyber Metaverse: https://oncyber.io/ownly

Follow us for more content:
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/ownly.io
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ownly.io/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ownlyio/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ownlyio

Join our community!
Telegram link: https://t.me/ownlyio
FB group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ownlycommunity




OWNLY is a metaverse-focused platform optimizing ownership and utility through innovative applications of NFT.

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