The Mustachios: From Features and Rewards to the Project Roadmap

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On August 24, we held our Mustachios PreSale where 68 of our 100 Genesis Generation Mustachios have been minted! Now we are officially launching the first-ever NFT tales in the world! So what makes this project different from other NFTs? And why should you mint one?

Aside from getting a random Mustachio avatar, these NFTs offer you a journey of great discovery where you get to be one of the characters in the story. More than that, one Mustachio is all you need to access two years’ worth of activities and events that we prepared for every Mustachio holder.

If you are still having second thoughts, let me give you three reasons why you should get your own Mustachio:

1. Be The First One To Solve The MustachioVerse Mystery

All 100 Mustachios have their own story to tell. Just like you, each has different physical and personality traits. By getting one, you’ll unlock their unique tale of existence.

Aside from that, our Mustachios are your key to enter the MustachioVerse — a magical land where you’ll find other mustached beings.

By stepping into this hidden and exclusive place, you’ll join the quest in finding artifacts that will raise your scout level while you try to find the answer to a century-old enigma: where did their mustache come from?

We will release the story behind each of the 100 Mustachios weekly in batches of ten. Each chapter of the Mustachios’ weekly adventure can be read through The Sages Rant — an online book with 10 chapters that talks about the Mustachios’ quest for the 9 valuable artifacts from the fabled Grooming Kit and the Golden Mustache.

As the story continues, Mustachio holders can unlock different backgrounds and add the artifacts to spice up their ‘stache.

2. Be Entitled to Mustachio Holder Rewards

There’s more to this NFT than its beautiful artwork and exciting story. Here are some of the perks that you can enjoy by having your own Mustachio:

• You will get 10% CryptoBack in OWN token when you mint a Mustachio. This is our way of saying thanks while sharing our native token with you.

• The present Mustachio holder is entitled to quarterly OWN airdrop until our airdrop wallet runs out. This is why we advise you to hold on to your Mustachio(s) for a long time.

• Next year, we’ll be launching our 3D Mustachio Toys so that you can have both virtual and physical Mustachio. Mustachio holders can get these toys at a discounted price!

• If you are one of the Top 3 Collectors of our Mustachios, you’ll receive a token of appreciation from our team. A Gold, Silver, or Bronze 3D Mustachio is ready to be sent to you!

3. Be Part of Our Two-Year Mustachio Roadmap Filled with Different Events and Activities

Our plans for these Mustachios don’t end this month or the next. We make sure that you can do so much more with your Mustachios. Here is a timeline of Mustachio-related events you can look forward this 2021 and 2022:

3rd Quarter of 2021

• Creation of Mustachios
It took the artist, Boii Mustache, years to fully complete this collection, and we are elated and grateful to be the platform where he shares these beautiful mustached artworks.

• Mustachio Presale (Genesis Set — 100 Mustachios)
On August 26, we held the PreSale of the first 100 or Genesis Generation of the whole 999 Mustachios. A total of 68 Mustachios have already been minted amounting to a total of around 17.4 ETH ($61,000+)

• Mustachio Official Launch
This September 9, we are giving NFT collectors access to the remaining 32 Mustachios that haven’t entered the Mustachioverse during our PreSale. Mint yours here!

• Beginning of NFT Tales (Gen. 1)
We will share with you the backstories of every Genesis Generation Mustachio starting this week. We’ll also start the first chapter of the Sages Rant in the same week and then release the remaining nine chapters in the succeeding weeks.

4th Quarter of 2021

• OWN Token Airdrop to Mustachio Holders
In the 4th quarter of this year, all present holders of our Mustachios will get their OWN token airdrops. Yey!

• Mustachio Rewards
If you are one of our Top 3 Collectors, then you’ll surely get Mustachio Rewards from us. It’s our early Christmas present to you!

  • 2nd Generation Mustachios Launching (250 Mustachios)
    Before 2021 ends, we will launch the next generation of Mustachios who will have a different odyssey from the Genesis Generation.

1st Quarter of 2022

• Beginning of the NFT Tales (Gen. 2)
Another year means another story and features that you can unlock using the 2nd Generation Mustachios. What could be their quest this time? We’ll find out in the 1st quarter of 2022.

• Mustachio Events
Our team will work on several events that will be enjoyable for our Mustachio holders. Keep yourself updated!

• Mustachio 3rd Generation Launching (250 Mustachios)
The 3rd Generation Mustachios will be available to you before March 2022 ends. Mark your calendars!

2nd Quarter of 2022

• Beginning of the NFT Tales (Gen. 3)
Another exhilarating venture awaits the third-generation Mustachios! A voyage into another land? Perhaps space travel for our Mustachios? We’ll find out at the right time.

• Mustachio Merchandise
We’ll finally launch our 3D Mustachio toys in the second quarter of 2022! We’ll be sharing with you snippets of this project so you can pre-order your own physical Mustachio toys next year!

• Mustachio 4th Generation Launching (399 Mustachios)
The Last Generation of Mustachios will set foot on MustachioVerse before we hit the last day of June 2022.

3rd Quarter of 2022

• Beginning of the NFT Tales (Gen. 4)
This may be the most intense yet satisfying NFT tales that we’ll ever make! The last batch of our Mustachios, making their way into an expedition that connects the past to the present? Maybe this will be their story.

• MustaSHOW (NFT Show)
Before we close the era of these Mustachios, they will get their spotlight through an NFT Show! More details about this will be available next year.

I believe that these three reasons are more than enough for you to enter the Mustachioverse. Only 32 Mustachios remain! A single Mustachio is all you need to access everything! Get yours here!

Also, don’t forget to keep check out the first chapter of the Sages Rant that will be released on September 13! Their story awaits you.



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