Why Artists Should Embrace CryptoArt

Micah Grace Rico
Feb 11 · 3 min read

CryptoArt is still a foreign concept to many artists. The combination of art and blockchain seems too complicated. However, we believe it’s rather simple.

The adaptation of CryptoArt allows artists to publish their works online with creative freedom and display it on a safe global platform for collectors to see.

One of the many advantages of creating CryptoArt is the process of minting an artwork into an NFT. An artist can create art online that is sealed in cryptographic “signature” using blockchain technology.

The signature serves as a way for collectors to identify the genuine artwork amongst all the fake artworks floating online. No signature is ever the same since blockchain records cannot be edited or deleted.

This blockchain property assures artists that no one can duplicate their minted artwork.

It’s easy to promote your art online because there’s already a community that is interested in buying CryptoArt.

Many sites also initiated the use of NFT in artworks so no need to fret.

For Ownly, we will promote our local artists to see their valuable artworks appreciated in the global market.

We believe that Filipino artists should be recognized worldwide and Ownly will be one of the platforms that will help them.

The adaptation of CryptoArt will be a gateway for amazing collaborations between artists in the future.

For Ownly, we take pride in being a digital gallery full of single-edition unique artworks. To ensure an artwork’s uniqueness even in collaborations, we will not have the same set of artists work in different collections or artwork.

This will make the outcome more special for both the artists and collectors.

Creative Freedom
Our artists will be given their creative freedom.

There will be little to none restrictions on artworks that will be displayed on our platform. We believe our online gallery should show diverse styles, techniques, and genres of art.

So we’ll accept even some crazy ideas.

CryptoArt is the future for artists, and Ownly will strive to help artists realize that golden opportunity.

Now is the right time to turn your art into an NFT. If you are a local artist interested in making CryptoArt, you can contact us.