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Coca-Cola introduces Pride NFT collection

🥤Coca-Cola introduces Pride NFT collection

Coca-Cola unveiled the LGBTQIA + NFT collection in collaboration with Rich Mnisi (a South African fashion designer known for leading campaigns for LGBTQIA+ rights in Africa) with the participation of Virtue (a creative agency working at Vice, the largest independent youth media company) and Tafi (a digital collectibles studio that collaborates with brands such as Champion, Adidas, Samsung, Warner Brothers and others).

📍The goal of the partnership is to celebrate Pride Month with special works by Mnisi.

🖼The Coca-Cola Pride collection includes 136 limited-edition artworks.

Users need to have a Matic (Polygon) and connect their wallets using the Polygon Network. NFTs sell for 335 MATIC (approximately $155).

💰The company first decided to donate the proceeds to OUT, a South African charity that provides people with mental and physical health care. The remaining proceeds from the initial sale and resale of the collection will be donated to charities serving the LGBTQIA+ community.

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