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Ubisoft decided to draw attention to a real problem and set a fire in one of their games

Ubisoft will hold a unique in-game event in the sports simulator Riders Republic🏍

🗓In the coming months, Riders Republic users will suddenly discover that the game’s forests are on fire, and characters have begun wearing respirators and other personal protective equipment to escape the smoke. In addition, parts of the map with the western U.S. territories are inaccessible, and the sky turns orange. Players will have to join a team of rescuers to help them protect the forest.

With the event developers want to attract the attention of users to the problem of wild forest🌲 fires around the world. When using the photo mode to identify the most vulnerable areas, players will be able to see data on the state of the area in the real world at the moment.

🎮Riders Republic was released in 2021. The game is available on PC, Xbox One and Series X/S as well as PlayStation 4 and 5.


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