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Web 3 will Allow Individuals to Control their Metaverse Data

The appearance of metaverses and the problems they faced

With the development of blockchain technology and the advent of NFT, the question of creating a decentralized Web 3 Internet is increasingly being raised. It will allow users to participate in the digital economy and actively interact with it without having to give up the control over their data and transfer their data to third-party organizations.

And if at first users actively and freely shared their personal data with service providers and various stores, then numerous facts of misuse of the provided information cause serious doubts among people.

User data is tracked by third-party organizations, they are manipulated, using them for their own selfish purposes and needs.

And taken into account the scale of the probleman ordinary person cannot feel safe, constantly being under the control of third parties who can use his personal information, as they consider it necessary including the sale of personal data and other use of it for selfish purposes.

Do not exclude numerous database hacks, after which personal data “walks” on the Internet and is available to everyone.

Advantages of Metaverses

At the same time, the metaverses have huge prospects. Let’s imagine our immediate reality in the metaverses. As technology develops, avatars and their environment in the metaverses will become indistinguishable from physical reality.

The basis for making the characters realistic are powerful algorithms using artificial intelligence that use real data to perfectly recreate avatars in a digital environment.

In order to involve billions of people in virtual worlds, content creators will use artificial intelligence content generation algorithms based on real data. It will allow to create not only unique characters, but also a personal environment for each character participating in the metaverses with unlimited scaling capabilities.

Being in the metaverse and interacting with each other, avatars can fully enjoy new exciting opportunities for their own realization, self-expression, interaction and communication.

Just as the transition from analog phone calls to videoconferencing, which occurred 15 years ago, changed the quality of our communication around the world, the creation of metaverses will change the approach and our understanding of reality.

Advantages of Web 3

Web 3 tools are well suited to solve the problem of leakage and the misuse of personal data. These include blockchains and other decentralized technologies necessary to ensure data sovereignty.

These products can be actively used in the Web 3 metaverses. Web 3 technology allows you to track users’ personal data without requiring people to blindly trust third parties with their biometric data.

Web 3 allows individuals to control their identity in the metaverse and biometric data. Due to the decentralized nature of Web 3, any attacks on users’ personal data require huge resources and control over the blockchain, which is practically impossible.

At the same time, centralized Web 2 metaverses continue to remain extremely vulnerable, both from the unfair actions of their developers and due to third-party attacks.

By gaining access to personal data, an attacker can force any user’s digital avatar to say or do what he wants. It undermines the trust in the idea of creating centralized metaverses, if they are so vulnerable


It is impossible to get rid of scammers. They will always exist. The only way out of this situation is to use Web 3 technologies that can create an environment in which people can safely share their biometric data and safely present themselves in the metaverse.

NFT, blockchain and Web 3 tools will allow users to participate in the digital economy without having to give up control over their data.



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