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2 min readSep 22, 2020
Natalie, Susie and Jennifer show just three of the infinite possible paths involving writing and art.

When thinking about our paths through life, there’s often a binary thought process: should I do this or that? Maybe you’re wondering whether you should follow your creative aspirations or take the business path, for example. We believe you don’t have to choose just one. Your journey doesn’t have to be “either or” — it can be “yes, and”. As inspiration for anyone wondering what that might look like when it comes to creativity and career, here are 10 different, real-life examples from some remarkable artists, writers and creators:

Jade Purple Brown

A self-taught designer who has since worked with Nike, Sephora, Apple and many more, Jade’s trail is a reminder that there are many ways to find your creative calling.

Susie Lee

Susie’s trail names the question that many creatives ask themselves: what really defines an artist? Her path from med school to MFA to artist+entrepreneur examines the how and the why.

Natalie Torres-Haddad

Writing can be woven into your career, like Natalie’s trail shows. The Financially Savvy Latina took her expertise to the page with books on financial empowerment in both English and Spanish.

Bri Castellini

Get creative about working as a creative! Bri’s trail shows her work as an independent filmmaker and writer as well as putting those skills to use with a “day job” in the enterainment industry at Seed&Spark.

Ashley Olafson

Sometimes, writing and publishing a book is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Ashley’s trail shows how her book came after co-founding MOVE and before she launched Let’s Talk About It, both tackling issues of mental health with teens and young women.

Sophie Sandberg

Art and activism have always been closely linked, and Sophie’s trail as a street artist, maker and founder of Catcalls of NYC and Chalk Back is one example of how one might explore these intersections.

Mikaela Kiner

Writing can be a way of paying it forward, like how founder & CEO Mikaela wrote Female Firebrand to help mid-career women learn from women who have been in their shoes.

Jennifer Fischer

For every Hollywood ending, there are dozens of independent filmmakers building creative careers their way. Jennifer’s trail is evidence of a far more common and still totally unique experience.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to see the trail you’re blazing and what creative aspirations this sparked!



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