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2 min readOct 7, 2020

Whether by choice or chance, career changes are a fact of professional life. A 2019 survey found 49% of full-time workers have experienced a major career change, and 65% say they’re either thinking or have thought about making a dramatic shift. It’s also common to feel alone in the moment, especially when social media shows an artificial highlight reel that contributes to negative emotions.

To shed light on the fact that there’s no right path our careers, we’ve gathered a few trails to give a sense of solidarity and inspiration.

Clare Cooper

From a communications role at a D.C. policy org to interning on a farm to working at nonprofits and beyond, Clare’s trail showcases how our twists and turns can make total sense when you’re following your passions.

Jenny Callaghan

Transitions can mean pivoting within (not out of) your dream company or industry. Jenny’s love of music led to her working with comedians and then venturing out the start her own company.

Janice Wilson

Considering a major change…or more than one? Take a look at Janice’s journey from dancer to lawyer to social entrepreneur to software engineer.

Neha Goyal

While many people are wondering how to transition into tech, Neha made the leap from web development to wedding planning and then starting a subscription box company.

Yanira Sesniak

Not only has Yanira shifted career gears from teaching to customer success, her path includes a major pivot for her spouse’s career — and their family.

Lizzie Jones

Think career changes only happen after school? Lizzie’s trail shows that sometimes the right next step is leaving the corporate world for the classroom.

Chetna Khanna

A self-described educationist turned technologist, Chetna left an award-winning career in publishing to make her mark as a data scientist.

Rebecca Soukakos

Sometimes you choose a career on a whim and sometimes you leave it due to global circumstances. In Rebecca’s case, you then opt for law school and then an executive role at a nonprofit.



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