Gavin Buckland
Sep 9 · 2 min read

Gone is the corporate brand. Brands that are all head and no heart; that assume perfection is of highest value. Gone are the days of the “Who We Are Video.” A video that once self-glorified to no end, set to an upbeat soundtrack and “approachable” voiceover. But can we blame them? It’s what was wanted — was.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to the marketing space at all for the last five years, you’ll have noticed a subtle shift that has had big impacts in the way we think about our favorite brands. A shift that started as a millennial-focused marketing trend has ushered in a new wave of mainstream messaging. This shift has a name: the brand anthem.

Put simply, a brand anthem is a declaration of who your brand is by showing why it is here. Through substantially different means than the “Who We Are Video” that tells of who “they are,” a brand anthem reminds you of who you want to be.


Whether new or old, a brand anthem should serve as the rally cry that unites and inspires employees around a singular purpose.


A brand anthem should be emotionally driven to connect positively with customers, encouraging them to take part in your brand’s larger purpose. Where previously a brand would focus on communicating its features and benefits, a brand anthem creates a lifestyle and sense of emotion for others to connect.

Tell Stories

Lastly, the brand anthem should provide a platform for telling stories — and not just testimonials. Diverse, creative, imaginative, and emotional stories. This creates the ability to scale the story across other videos, events, or campaigns.

Accomplishing a successful brand anthem is no small feat — it takes authenticity. It will take company-wide soul-searching. The brand anthem’s lofty goals and messaging will fall flat if the brand doesn’t stand behind and live by the mission — which maybe this world could use a little more of.


by OX Creative

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