It’s Time To Breathe

Let’s face it, most start-ups are founded by incredibly smart people with exciting new ideas. But in the rush to grow, too many fail to pay attention to one of their most important areas of competitive advantage, which is their people. Left unchecked, unhealthy behaviors and counter-productive people strategies can kill a company before it ever has a chance to breathe.

Led by Silicon Valley veterans Stuart Crabb and Sara Sperling, Oxegen Consulting offers start-ups a combined 40 years of expertise in learning and development, team building, human resource functions, diversity and inclusion, and executive coaching.

At Oxegen, we believe that when it comes to people, the start-up formula is simple: the more you invest in, understand, and care for your people, the more effort and energy they bring to their work, the more successful your company becomes. But you need the right people strategies for the formula to work.

At Oxegen, we understand the positive impact an inclusive workplace makes not only on its people but on an organization’s overall performance. A workplace that encourages people to be their unique selves will in turn benefit from the full expression of their talents, strengths, and abilities.

At Oxegen, we believe that living a life that reflects your authentic self is every bit as important as living a life that plays to your strengths.

Tune in to Oxegen on, where Sara and Stu share the people strategies and coaching tips that help start-ups, tech teams, and the people who lead them thrive.

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