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Monument to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill Grand Monument. Credit: Shutterstock / Truba7113

Negotiations with North Korea could eventually succeed

  • Reunification of North and South Korea on Pyongyang’s terms.
  • Maintaining a nuclear deterrent to forestall invasion or regime change.
  • International recognition and respect as a nuclear power.
  • Lifting of sanctions and a massive aid programme to address food shortages and modernise agriculture and industry.
  • Scaling back or elimination of joint US/South Korea military exercises.
  • Denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, starting with freezing DPRK’s weapons programme, its re-joining the International Atomic Energy Agency, and signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • Pyongyang to abandon plans to take over South Korea.
  • A North Korea that no longer violates the human rights of its citizens and threatens its neighbours.
  • Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who dealt with the North when he was a South Korean diplomat.
  • Robert Gallucci, the US arms control expert who led the successful 1994 negotiations and now, as an academic, is an expert on the DPRK and has engaged in non- governmental twin track discussions with North Korean counterparts over more than two decades.
  • Jin Liqun, the Chinese President of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, who, in addition to his links to the Chinese government, would symbolise the potential aid that North Korea might obtain if Kim decides to end DPRK’s pariah state behaviour.
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