Day 0 at OyaPay

Changing offline payment in Africa

Paystack and flutterwave are doing wonders in the online game but offline?

Here’s the gist people

We want to kill POS (NOW) and possibly cash (SOON)
We want to make mobile payment ubiquitous as cash

Why? — Let’s talk about the problems!

For merchants

With OyaPay

  1. We charge 1.4% + 10N to disburse to bank account. We’re working towards a 1% + 10N charge in the near future. [EDITED]
  2. It won’t take 24hrs to receive your money but INSTANT!
For consumers

Mind you, these are just half of the problems these individual face, and we haven’t talked about infrastructure problem, electricity, POS Scam etc

We got fed up and decided to build OyaPay

So what is OyaPay?

For Consumers

It is a mobile app that enables cashless payments. We strive to bring cashless convenience to the everyday consumer by focusing on commonly-frequented locations, such as neighbourhood shops, malls or clubs

For Merchants

Our unique mobile-to-mobile system eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure such as Point-Of-Sale systems and card readers, saving time and cost for merchants. The intuitive app design makes cashless payment collection a breeze, with little or no training required.

We are launching out of private beta today to public beta. What this means is that you will have to get in line to use OyaPay during this beta.

We will be piloting with MOOD beach club, Providus Bank (Distribution Partner ) and some other small merchants in Lagos Mainland and Island.

lookout for something like this

Visit our website today to sign up for the beta

Share your thoughts, criticisms and everything else.

*This is an experiment but with people working hard to get things right but this is day 0 for us, so we might get [alot] of things wrong* Bear with us


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