Oyster SHL Snapshot Complete

Taylor French
Apr 14, 2018 · 1 min read

Oyster is happy to announce that the Oyster Shell (SHL) blockchain snapshot has been successfully completed at block number 5436000. The SHL smart contract was deployed earlier today, and can be viewed here

The distribution of SHL tokens for users holding their PRL in personal wallets (e.g., MyEtherWallet, Eidoo, etc) will begin next week. Users will need to add the custom token information for SHL in order to view it in their wallet once SHL has been distributed. That information is listed below:

Contract Address: 0x8542325b72c6d9fc0ad2ca965a78435413a915a0
Symbol: SHL
Decimals: 18

For those holding their PRL on KuCoin, SHL tokens will be distributed to your exchange wallets in the following weeks. More information about KuCoin’s time frame for distribution can be found here.

The Oyster team extends our gratitude to our community for their patience and participation leading up to the SHL snapshot. We will be writing a followup post detailing some of the metrics regarding the SHL snapshot once they have been finalized.

Taylor French

Written by

Chief Product Officer at Oyster.

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