Testnet B Released!

Taylor French
Mar 1, 2018 · 2 min read

The development team at Oyster is pleased to announce that Testnet B has been launched, and that communication between broker nodes and web nodes has been established in the Oyster protocol. The web node communication is the first step to having the one line of javascript that website owners can use to earn PRL revenue and will power the Oyster SHL ecosystem.

Testnet Re-Opened to Public

Tomorrow we will re-open the Testnet uploading system to the general public. We are thrilled with the improvements that have happened in the past few weeks that will enable much faster and much larger uploads now and in the very near future. In the next week, we will provide a graphical representation showing web users that land on OysterProtocol.com, using Testnet B’s javascript, performing the need-requests, Proof of Work, and node communication that will power the system.

As we head to Mainnet in the next two months, the bulk of our R&D work will focus on the payment system and having PRL flowing live through the brokers, hooks, and website operators. We will continue to refactor and improve the uploading system and will strive to keep the demonstrations open and functional during these times.

Oyster Pearl (PRL) Coin Burn and Shell Airdrop

10 million PRL tokens will be destroyed during the coin burn

The PRL coin burn is less than 24 hours away, and will be occurring at 12pm EST on March 1, 2018. The coin burn will destroy 10 million PRL tokens, which will be removed from the Main Developer Wallet. You can see our previous post for more details on the coin burn.

We want to remind our community that the Shell (SHL) Airdrop is occurring on April 6th, 2018, and at this time, we still recommend that individuals who want to participate in the Airdrop hold their PRLs in a personal wallet, and not an exchange wallet. More information on the Airdrop can be found here.


There is an exciting road ahead for Oyster as we steadily continue towards the release of the Mainnet. As always, we encourage anyone with questions or comments to post them in the Oyster reddit or the Oyster Knowledge Telegram channel.

Taylor French

Written by

Chief Product Officer at Oyster.

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