4 OZ features to leverage for a successful club launch

Launching your own club is the same as launching a new product or a new music album. The same rules apply when it comes to nailing down your target audience, building excitement in advance, generating buzz and results once the club is launched. So it’s normal to invest equal efforts in marketing the club before it is launched and in generating interest around the launch date.

The features that OZ has been adding to its platform have increasingly focused on making the promotion process of the club easier and equally innovative as the platform itself. The feedback from club owners and case studies happening over time helped towards adding some of the following features which can easily be used for successful club marketing:

The Promoters Feature

The Promoter feature allows club owners to add promoters to the club. Promoters get free access to the club content for an unlimited or limited time period and in return they are encouraged to promote the club through clips.

Because you have the option of giving free access to the club, creating contests either on social media or email is a great opportunity to raise awareness towards the club launch. So, an idea is to post on social about the future launch of the club (with a club launch poster & co) and offer 10–20 (or more) people free access to the club for life. To enter the contest they need to share your post and mention one reason they are excited about the club launch for example. Or anything alike works as long as they use the free access to further promote the club.

The same can be done on email, if you have an email list then you can send one or a series of emails encouraging people to promote the club in return for the chance to win free access.

Contests like this that help promote the club can also work by offering merchandise or anything alike that you think your fans would be excited about, like a video from you to them personally, etc.

Clips, clips everywhere!

Clips are 10 sec snaps that club members create from your already existing videos. Encouraging people to do so can help spread pieces of your content all over social media and direct other people’s attention towards the club. These clips can only be used once you have members or promoters and once you have content on the club but it’s the most efficient way to keep up the promotion once the club is launched. You can also use clips yourself to share content with fans.

Promoter power can also be offered to some of your friends or biggest fans and in return ask them to create clips and share them on social media to bring attention towards the club. This can really help you rally up a lot of people around the launch and outsource some of your marketing.

Send a Post

Posts are meant to help you further connect with your members and once you write a post and send it, it will reach all your current members´s email inbox while also remaining in the club feed. Given how the posts have unlimited characters and you can also mix photos and links, it could be helpful to already have a post on your club once the club is launched. The post will be pinned on your feed and everyone will see it once they come to your landing page and so you can announce future video premieres, add more details on what the club is about or even have a welcome message. The options are endless. Read more about club posts HERE.

Your Showcase Video

Each club can have a showcase video which will be free for everyone to see even before subscribing to the club. So this is a great chance to wow everyone and offer a taste of what the club is about and what content you plan to offer in the future. The showcase video can be a trailer to the club experience, and given how it is free, you can share it everywhere on social media, Youtube channel even website. It will be great advertising for your club.

Social Media Mix

Keeping up a constant flow of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & co is quite vital both before and after the club is launched. An idea, for before the club is launched, is to start with some teasers, even a short video, trailer style, and then go full force promoting the club page, maybe even do a countdown on social media, announcing the number of days left till the club opening and get fans excited.

Few steps that might make the weeks before launch more efficient promo-wise are:

  • create a timeline for the announcements on social media & releases (like a trailer or just the club page, etc.)
  • create video elements to support the promo, a poster maybe or few posters with countdown elements on them (we can help out there)
  • decide on a number of social media posts per day on all platforms
  • set up the social media campaign around offering free access through the promoter feature. Have different contests on Facebook & Twitter/Instagram as mentioned.
  • create an event hashtag and encourage people to use it

If you would like more ideas on how to plan the big day for you launch or how to better plan your marketing efforts then you can always search for articles related to launching a product and you’ll see, everything fits and there are so many ideas on how to do a great job. So, don’t be afraid to use them!

Leave a comment if you have any questions about the features mentioned. If you have already launched your club then let us know how you did it and what proved to be the most successful marketing tactic for you.

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