All You Need To Know About The New OZ Creator Tool

OZ just released a new version of its creator tool which is aiming to make all club management more straight forward, and it also comes with some very much requested new features.

From today on, if you are going to and try access your club, all these features will be available to you.

Here are some of the most important new features together with the new creator:

  • Club Posts

Club Posts are meant to increase a club´s exclusivity by allowing creators to communicate directly with their fans. The club posts, which are created by the creators, are composed of text and images and go straight to the email inbox of all members while also sticking in the club feed in the app.

Read all about Club Posts and how to send one out HERE.

  • Day Passes

The Day Pass offers creators a new and innovative way of monetizing content and especially events. Club admins set the price of the Day Pass which can be changed at any point, before or after special events. The Day Pass offers those who purchase it access to all the club content for 24 hours and it’s a great way to get a taste for a club’s content and help your audience decide on whether to join further as members.

Read all about Day Passes & how to activate them HERE.

  • Premieres

With this new feature, creators can offer all their club members an insight into the videos/live events that will be coming up next on the club. For every uploaded video you will be given the chance to set a premiere date. Scheduling an event can also be an effective marketing tool to help build up excitement for a video premiere and a great way to generate attention towards the club.

Other changes:

There are few other changes added to the new creator tool which are meant to make it easier to navigate. You will see changes in the way you upload videos and also in the General section which now allows you to take more control over your club and the way it presents itself.

The Promoters feature is also fairly new. Give your biggest fans free access to the club in return for their promotional efforts like creating clips and sharing them online. Read more about it HERE.

Go ahead and check the new creator tool out and if any questions or concerns come to mind while doing so, don´t forget to drop us a line at! We simply love talking and getting feedback on our new features!

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