How to Make a Living Through Your OZ Club & Youtube Channels Part 1

Before you go into reading the ways to use both Youtube & OZ, here is my thought:

If you are a creator who enjoys making videos, you probably put a lot of effort into your work and brand, and are most likely aiming towards making a living out of it also. You want to eliminate intermediates and take advantage of the new business model that seems to emerge and which gives power back to the creators.

A platform which helps you further that goal is OZ. OZ allows you to build your own subscription club in a couple clicks and monetize your video making skills while reaching a global audience. You choose the price and you brand your club according to your own vision.

If you have started your creator career on Youtube then that´s probably where you have built an audience and got your very first fans. People can easily find you there and it’s for free too, so you don´t need to give that up.

Basically, on Youtube => your channel & videos are for free to everyone. On OZ => your club has a price attached to it which you choose ($1.99, $4.99, etc.) and to get access to your content, people have to pay that small fee monthly.

At the same time “ YouTube is estimated to take a 45/55 share of the ad revenue.” while OZ has a pretty transparent business model, they take a fixed 30%.

So for example, (using this calculator) on Youtube, if you have 300.000 views on a video then your revenue can be anywhere between 90.00–750.00 USD

On OZ — if you have 1% of these 300.000 viewers subscribed to your club and you price it 1.99 USD/month then you make 4200 USD/month which is almost 5x what you can get on Youtube.

Check out Part 2 of this blog post to read about how you can get the best of both worlds -OZ and Youtube in order to increase your revenues, popularity and reach.

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