OZ Meets Creators at SXSW

The Successful Story of a Sneak-Preview Event

As a platform which allows creators everywhere and of all genres to created unique subscription channels, fully branded to their own vision, where they control everything from look and feel to the price, we soon got a lot of interest from creators everywhere who saw the opportunity of monetizing their work and furthering their vision.

So, it was clear ever since 2014 that we needed an outlet for presenting OZ to the world even before its official release, creators were asking for it and we were more than happy to gain feedback and see everybody’s faces when taking their first peek at what would eventually become the house of creators everywhere.

And what better environment to do so than at SXSW, the yearly destination of all creative people, entities and big players from the film, music and entertainment industries? So, the team left for Austin, Texas and we could not have been more excited to meet with creators from all over the world, share our own vision, but most importantly, offer them the opportunity to create a channel on OZ. A channel on OZ easily translates to reaching a global audience, monetizing your work as an artist or video content creator, creating a more personal connection with your fans but also attracting like-minded individuals and building a community around your brand as a creative entity.

It was a very big event hosted by OZ and we had the support of one of our favorite Icelandic bands — GusGus who did an outstanding performance on stage while also offering a preview of their own channel; George Maples started the show and we ended with Simian Mobile Disco — always ready to entertain the huge crowd who was there to get a preview of the yet unlaunched OZ platform and have fun on the way. We got to meet creators of many genres, from music to fashion, to web series enthusiasts and even cocktail experts, all interested in how they could better turn their passion into reality or even better, into a full time job.

Our guests had the opportunity to gain a better understanding of OZ straight from Jas Shaw from Simian Mobile Disco, Hogni, lead singer of GusGus and the brilliant minds behind OZ — Gudjon our CEO and Obbi our CFO.

All this happened in a panel with the theme Value of Content in the Digital Age, and here are some of the topics discussed and on which we wanted to shed some light on: How to better connect with fans and drive them towards becoming superfans, The state of the music industry and ways to stay ahead by innovating, Making money out of what you love doing most and How can OZ help drive these changes by allowing you to create your own subscription model in just a few clicks with a global distribution.

We ended up having 1.700 people in Palm Door on Sixth that evening. We had lots of fun and made many new friends who have been with OZ ever since. Some joined our LA showcase one month later, some created their own channels and some continue to spread the word about OZ all over the web and for that we thank them!

So, stay tuned for the great things to come and don´t forget, if you would like to learn more about OZ, we are one email away: support@oz.com or tweet: twitter.com/OZ

Or even better, become a creator yourself: creator.oz.com

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