Knowing About MOBU(MOBU), OZEX’s Third Airdrop Token

The OZEX platform is slowly emerging as a go-to place for making safe and secure ICO investments in the crypto market. The OZEX platform not only helps investors to select stable, convenient and profit-driven ICOs in the market but also provides additional facilities of smart contracts and token airdropping with a uniform distribution of one’s investments across multiple ICOs.

OZEX has been so far successful in establishing its credibility among investors and managed to garner an overwhelming response just in the 1st and 2nd round of its ICO. The platform sold a whopping 200,000,000 OZX tokens only within a day of the opening of 2nd round on last July. With a clear roadmap and vision ahead of it, OZEX is now prepping up for its the last ICO.

OZEX Picks MOBU as the third Airdrop Token for Round 3 Of Its ICO.

As promised earlier, OZEX is conducting its ICO in three different rounds and will be listing OZX tokens on the global exchanges at the end of the third-round. During each of these three rounds, OZEX has partnered with three different ICOs and will be airdropping some extra tokens during each round.

In the last OZEX ICO that starts on August 28th, ‘MOBU’ token will be airdropped.

OZEX, the platform will be airdropping MOBU tokens at the rate of 100(OZX):1(MOBU). The hard cap for the third round is pegged at 100 million OZX tokens, and investors will be receiving the MOBU tokens within a month after the end of the ICO, Sequentially.

Brief Details on the MOBU.

MOBU is a decentralized platform and end-to-end solution for ICOs to launch compliant security tokens on the blockchain.

Launching an ICO that offers a security token can be extremely challenging due to the magnitude of technical, legal and regulatory requirements and procedures. As an organized ICO platform, MOBU provides a complete blockchain solution to expand the horizons and solve the problems of cryptocurrency developers who are hesitant and unsure about all the procedures required when offering security tokens to the cryptocurrency community.

Now, MOBU is preparing its pre-sale on September. MOBU will be available on most exchanges such as Bancor but have already been approved by COINEXCHANGE, CRYPTOPIA, IDEX, GET BTC, HitBTC, LIVECOIN, and

MOBU’s dynamic management team is very knowledgeable and efficient in the areas of business, investment, finance, law, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with many years of experience.

Juan, the CEO of MOBU, established Zaber Import Export (Pty) Ltd and made it one of the largest cryptocurrency miners in the southern hemisphere as early adopters of the blockchain technology. Paul, the CFO, passed the CA (SA) Board examinations to qualify as Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor. CIO of MOBU is Brian who is a Financial Markets professional, with over 30-years’ experience over a broad range of the South African investment markets.

The MOBU token is the core utility token that powers the MOBU system. The MOBU token conforms to a MOBU ERC20 platform and a MOB20 standard.

MOBU’s Security tokens improve traditional financial products in many ways:

Fees are lower

Security Tokens remove the need for most bankers which lower fees while smart contracts may decrease the reliance on lawyers in future. Smart contracts decrease the complexity, costs, and paperwork with managing securities

Transfers instantaneous

By removing the middlemen from investment transactions, issuers can conclude quicker timelines to offer their security successfully. Instant and prompt trade settlement on the secondary market for Security Tokens will become an attractive advantage for issuers and investors as well.

Exposure to the free market

It is challenging for investors in Asia to invest in private US companies or real estate. Therefore, most investment transactions today lack exposure to a global investor base. With Security Tokens, asset owners directly market their deals to anyone with an internet connection.

Service functions are automated

With Security Tokens, issuers will start to use smart contracts to automate the service provider function through software.

More details regarding the MOBU can be obtained through its official website.

OZEX is currently conducting its final third ICO during the period between August 28(11:00 AM GMT), 2018, to September 9, 2018(11:00 AM GMT).

The free airdrop token, ‘MOBU’ will be airdropped at a 1 MOBU to 100 OZX ratio after the end of OZEX ICO. The hard cap for 3rd ICO round is 100 million OZX, and the value of 1 OZX is 0.01 USD.

The OZX token will be listed for the first time on a global exchange, ‘CoinBene’ on September 10, 2018, and after that, it will be listing on Ruby-x. Ozex team is currently negotiating a listing on with several other global exchanges.

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