OZEX 3nd ICO will start in 24 hours! / The rate of ETH/OZX

Hello everyone, we would like to announce that after 24 hours from now, OZEX 3rd ICO will be starting!

The finalized rate for 3rd round of ICO is 1 ETH = 27602 OZX

As we have announced previously the hardcap of the final round has been set for 100 Million OZX, likewise MOBU(MOBU) which will be the number of extra airdrop token for the final round will be capped for 1,000,000 MOBU.

for the most important announcement,The participants from 28th (GMT 11:00AM) to 29th (GMT 11:00AM), will receive 100% of OZEX Bonus.

Furthermore, 50% of OZEX bonus will be distributed until 3rd September.

To make it clear, if you purchase 10,000 OZX, you could receive 20,000 OZX and 100 MOBU for the first 24 hours. And for the first week, if you purchase 10,000 OZX, you could receive 15,000 OZX and 100 MOBU.

Please kindly be informed that since the hardcap of the final round is limited, the sale will be ended as the number of airdrop-able MOBU is limited on our hand, Thus, the round may be closed soon.

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Thank you.


All tokens will be locked from now on and kept until 07:00 GMT, 15th of September, excluding in-company Bounty accounts.

In order to make a good ICO condition, all tokens will be distributed via airdrop, after the end of all ICO schedules.

To learn more about the OZEX project, please visit the links below.
Web : https://ozex.io
Whitepaper : https://github.com/ozexproject/OZEX-Whitepaper
Bounty promotion : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4459199.0;all
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ozex_official
Medium : https://medium.com/ozex
Telegram (Global) : https://ozex.io/telegram
Bitcoinforum : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4355099.0
OZEX white paper v1.1 — https://github.com/ozexproject/OZEX-Whitepaper