[OZEX]Listing on the Global Exchange, CoinBene. / + schedule changed

Hello, this is OZEX team.

First of all, we are sorry to have kept all OZEX supporters waiting and thank you for your patience.

We would gladly like to announce that OZEX will be listed on a global exchange, CoinBene(www.coinbene.com) on September 10.

CoinBene is a global cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore and it is used in more than 150 countries around the world. CoinBene is giving OZEX a lot of support for its first solo listing on a global exchange.

You can deposit OZEX coins on CoinBene from September 10, 2018, trade from September 20, and withdraw from October 4.

We also announce that the final round of OZEX ICO will be open from August 28 to September 9, 2018. The NEW free token for the final round is still up in the air and will be announced soon.

We will be announcing a number of events for listing on Coinbene, soon. We look forward to your active involvement.

Thank you.

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We would like to inform that due to requested listing date changes from Coinbene, the deposit date has been changed to 19th of September, and the tradable date is 20th of September, and withdrawal will be made on 21th, which is the next day.

Additionally, The tokens which were locked for ICO will be unlocked at 7 AM(GMT) on 15th of September.

And the bonuses, bounty, and airdrops(airdrop events, Legalblock, Mobu, Kickcoin) will be made after the ICO ends (9th of September) and before the listing date.

Thank you for the understanding.

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