OZEX September Schedule (has been delayed)

[OZEX Schedule official announcment]

💎1. XLK
All of XLK token has been locked, delaying the airdrop. We are planning to distribute XLK token before its listing.

💎2. MOBU
At present, MOBU is in the process of pre-sale, and the they has been asked to delay the airdrop schedule. We are negotiating the correct airdrop date so that we can airdrop before December, when the MOBU token ICO starts.

💎3. KICK
KICK coin distribution is complete.
symbol : KICK
Custom address : 0x27695e09149adc738a978e9a678f99e4c39e9eb9

💸4. CoinBene listing
Deposit available : 03:00 GMT 19th Septmeber
Trading availbale : 20th September
If you want further information, please check the CoinBene Notice.

💎5. OZX (Bounty Bonus, Airdrop event)
OZX token airdrop is going on now. It takes a long time because there are many people to receive. Please wait.

💎6. 125,000 OZX Bonus
It will be distribute on end of October.

We apologize for the delay in the entire Airdrop schedule.
Thank you for your patient.

OZEX Schedule : September

9th : End of ICO, KYC Submission

14th ~ 18th : All the bounty bonus and Airdrops (airdrop events, Legalblock, Mobu, Kickcoin) distribution. (XLK,KICK,MOBU,OZX airdropping in sequential order) → Has been Delayed

15th : Unlock the OZX token (GMT 07:00AM)

19th : Deposit OZX to CoinBene available

20th : OZX Trading in CoinBene available

21st : Withdrawal from CoinBene available

📩 [OZEX] Announcement : KYC Verification request

To whom? All of OZEX Bounty and ICO participant

⚠️Alert : If you do not register for the KYC verification within the timeline, OZX token that has already been paid or is due to be paid will be incinerated.⚠️

💎125,000 OZX airdrop reciever.

- OZEX Private, Pre-sale participants.
- OZEX Car event (T-shirts selfie submission) participants. 
- OZEX token holder, before its symbol changed.