Hi, this is OZEX.

We proudly announce that the final round of OZEX ICO has now begun.

In the Final round, 1 ETH will be calculated as 27602 OZX. 
As announced before, the hard cap for the final round is 100 million OZX. Additional MOBU airdrop will be 1 million MOBU.

OZEX ICO 3rd Round : 28th August ~ 9th September, 2018

ICO 3rd round Hard Cap : 100 million OZX

OZEX ICO price : 1 OZX = US$0.01

Possible investment currency : Ethereum

Minimum investment amount : 0.5 ETH

OZEX symbol : OZX

Number of OZX for 1ETH : 27602 OZX

OZX Contract address : 0x00D25ac2553E2BD220c9f61C8191F32D8E66e37E

Decimals : 18

GAS Price : 20 Gwei

GAS Limit : 45,000

Custom Symbol : OZX

We hardly recommend you to double check those information on our website and proceed.

In addition, for those participating in the final round of OZEX ICO, extra 100% bonus of OZX will be distributed during the FIRST 24 HOURS of ICO (ie. 11AM GMT, 28th ~ 11AM GMT, 29th of August, 2018)

After this first 24 hours, extra 50% of bonus of OZX will be distributed for those participating in our ICO in the FIRST WEEK of ICO (11AM GMT, 29th of August ~ 3rd of September, for 6 days)

EX) when you buy 10,000 OZX, you will receive 20,000 OZX(including bonus) with 100 MOBU during the first 24 hours. After then, when you buy 10,000 OZX, you will receive 15000 OZX(including bonus) with 100 MOBU for the next 6 days.

Please understand that the final round of ICO may end earlier than expected, due to the limited number of 3rd round HARDCAP. We look forward to seeing an active participation from you.

Thank you.

All tokens are not to be moved or transferred from now on until 07:00 GMT, 15th of September, excluding in-company Bounty accounts.

All airdrop tokens(1st round:LEGALBLOCK, 2nd round :KICK, 3rd round : MOBU) will be announced after each round (allowing everyone to see). Moreover, all airdrop tokens will be distributed after the end of all ICO schedules, in order to maintain ICO in a good condition. (OZX will be distributed immediately)

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