Philosophy at work

Actual contents of our tasks seldom are the underlying issue for frustrating, sub-par results at work. It is mostly due to difference of perceptions and expectations we fail to work collectively and productively.

Before we can decide how to reach our common goals we should consider aligning on our beliefs and values. If we don’t express ourselves, we can’t really expect to be happy at work. If we are not happy, we can’t be motivated. If we are not motivated, we don’t deliver good results.

“It’s really ok to talk about beliefs and philosophy at work”

How can we expect to work together productively and achieve greater things as teams without discussing the fundamental pieces of our perceptions and understanding each other?

We don’t always have to agree, either. We can benefit from our differences in perspectives, and develop a broader understanding of what and how we should work as well.

Note: This is my first short article on medium. It feels like I have collected so many thoughts on quality of work, happiness at work, human work, etc. that I need to write them down somewhere.

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