Drag and Drop for innovation comes to oZone

S.T.O.P. .T.H.E. .P.R.E.S.S.!.!

Innovate on ideas, less on code? YAY! Sign me up!

We’re so excited, we’re almost jumping! (I had to start that way to relate to the photo post, but it’s also true.)

We just achieved a big functional milestone for oZone. Remember our mantra “Enabling innovation in video applications”?

So we already have this awesome framework that makes writing complex solutions like cloud NVRs trivially simple. Awesome! But what makes innovation simpler? What if we provided a web UI that simply allowed you to drag our components via a cool UI and that automatically generated code?

Welcome to the Application Builder for oZone. We haven’t put it up for public tinkering yet, but we are so excited we decided to create a video demofor you. Here is what we are doing in the demo :

we are generating code to read from a camera, perform motion and face analysis, then write events as videos. We are also generating code to display the feeds on a browser. All in less than 2 minutes.

The detailed steps are:

  • We create an input source to read from cameras
  • We pass that to a Rate Limiter to reduce its frame rate for analysis (don’t want to overload the CPU)
  • We then pass that rate limited feed to two detectors that will run in parallel: a Motion Detector and a Face Detector
  • Each one feeds into a Video Recorder, that will automatically create recorded MP4 files when motion/faces are detected
  • Finally, we connect the motion detector to a HTTP Controller so we can display in in a browser

So this would normally take you, umm, 6 months to do, right?


On a more serious note, yes, we are dead serious on making oZone the best and easiest platform for video innovation. This is just the beginning.