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Apple Siri Clone in KooKoo wins DesertHack-2012

This is a throwback story. Did you know that when we conducted a hackathon back in 2012, students in BITS Pilani built an Apple Siri clone using Ozonetel CPaaS APIs. They called it Kiri :)

This might be the world’s first voice bot :)

The post I wrote at that time is replicated below. Some other nice hacks have been presented below. Surprising how innovative students were. BTW, when this was launched, Google ASR had not yet launched. The students had found a way to access the Google ASR through chromium browser. Indian jugaad at its best.

KooKoo as most of you know, is a cloud telephony platform using which people have built innovative telephony applications like call and update your Facebook status, call to update your twitter stream etc.

As you might be knowing, BITS Pilani conducted a hackathon called as Desert Hack( http://www.deserthack.org/) sometime last week and KooKoo, Ozonetel was a part of that. We announced a bounty of Samsung Galaxy Tab2 for the best KooKoo hack.

We got the list of hacks last weekend and we were really surprised at the quality of hacks.

So we analyzed the list of hacks based on the following criteria:

1. Innovativeness

2. Amount of code written

3. Presentation

4. Correctness

5. Aligning with principles of KooKoo and

6. Ability to become big

And though it was really hard, we had to select one winner and that is “KIRI”. Congrats team “Kiri”. You will get your Samsung tab at the earliest.

Kiri is an Apple Siri clone on KooKoo, where you can just call a number and ask a question and it replies back with the answer. This happens over a normal voice call with no Internet connection required. They have mashed up a lot of technologies including KooKoo, Google speech recognition, Google weather, Rotten tomatoes for movies etc. They have even made a really nice you tube video about it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta6jY2l-HxU&feature=plcp

Though there are a couple of bugs, it sometimes plays the result of the previous recording(the students are doing their exams now and have promised to fix it after the exams :)), it is really commendable that they have achieved so much in a week.

Some other interesting hacks are a car pooling app using voice and SMS, an expense management system, voice dating, movie information system etc. The students have really excelled themselves as they learnt about KooKoo and built innovative and useful apps in a week. I am sure many of these guys will go on to become cool entrepreneurs and we will try to help them in all ways possible.

The details of the interesting hacks on KooKoo are given below. It really feels great to help innovation in this way and I am sure cloud is the way to go for all these new age developers.

Details of the Hacks as mentioned by the students:

<-------------------------------------------------------------------->KiriTo try the latest code:Call 011-30908632Ask a question after the beep.Wait 5-10 seconds. It will return answer of the query.Description: A Siri implementation for Kookoo. Enables users to search for answers on the web without an active internet connection using Kookoo API.Implementation:Record callers question, convert it to flac send file to google speech to text.Search query text for keywords(movies, cricket, weather) and call appropriate API.If no keyword found, look for answer on wolfram alpha.Answer is relayed to user through kookoo's text to speech.Technologies used:Google speech to text for converting recording to plain textWeather Underground API for weatherRotten Tomatoes for movie reviewsCustom script for live cricket scoresWolfram Alpha API for general questionsScope:Inclusion of more APIs such as spelling, news, other sports.User specific functionality, since we can identify user based on caller ID
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta6jY2l-HxU&feature=plcp
What is HelloStranger?
HelloStranger is a telephony app built entirely and solely on the KooKoo platform using the API provided. All one has to do is call up one of the KooKoo telephone numbers and enter the PIN: 1078. This is followed by asking the user if he wants to talk to a girl or a boy. And voila! There’s someone meeting your preference on the other side you have got connected to.
If the other person disconnects, don’t worry because s/he is not the only wo/man in the world. If you are still online, you are immediately connected to another person meeting your initial choice.
HelloStranger is strictly no-nonsense. No registration required .No hidden costs.
Future features?
Right now, the only choices you have are in gender, but in future one can find matches for choices ranging from interests and location to age and language.
There are some wonderful features that you can do while actually in a conversation: like maybe exchange phone numbers upon mutual consent and change your choice of whether you want to talk to a boy or a girl in real time.
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kRlzz375tY&feature=plcp
eX-Opti is a multi-platform expense management system built on the cloud and hosted on Google App Engine. It can be accessed either through a PC or a mobile web browser or through telephony.
1) WEBSITE (Mobile Browser Optimized) - http://ex-opti.appspot.com
User logs in using his mobile number and a password. A tabbed interface provides the user with options to add a new entry(category of spending and amount), view analytics of existing entries (by current day, week, month, year or a custom no. of days) and perform transactions.
2) TELEPHONY - Call +91-4466949325
User calls a number (provided by Kookoo API) and responds to a set of queries. First he is presented with a main menu where he selects whether he wants to add a new entry, obtain analytics of previous spendings or make a transaction using the ZAP API.
Adding a new entry: He is asked to choose the category of spending and then enter the amount spent using the keypad. The caller id, amount, category and date are then stored on the App Engine Datastore.Analytics of previous spendings: Quick Analysis: The day's total Spending Detailed Analysis: Total spending (current week, current month, current year)Make transactions: Will be done using ZAP APITHE IMPLEMENTATION:
Both the website as well as the telephony app were implemented in Python (Version 2.7). It uses the following APIs:
1) Kookoo API (www.kookoo.in)
2) Google Charts API
TODO List Of Features:
1) Password Authentication - Since we were not clear about what details the ZAP API wanted for user authentication.
2) Make Transactions - Due to unavailability of ZAP API access.
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2yAwqfnYTk&feature=plcp
<-------------------------------------------------------------------->This Voice App use kookoo Problem Statement As we know GPS is not in every mobile and GPS also consume more battery So how to find direction between two stations solution is my app This is a URL of my APPhttp://devapp.jelastic.servint.net/Process :1) Dial Number 040665882522) Now it Speaks to Press 1 for finding place information 2 for finding distance3)Now press 1# (# is mandatory to press after giving input)4) Now pree zip code like (305001#) some zip code will note work mostly are working like if you press 305001#it tell that it's code if got ajmer and tell the short infi about what is ajmer5)Call will be end now6) Dial again number7) Now Press 2# then Type the source code zip code terminated by #8)You will get total distance and total duration between this two station and short summary of path9)After this you will also get a sms of detail step-by-step path between two station.
Youtube link: MISSING
<-------------------------------------------------------------------->What Movie Is That ?
This is a repository for developing the mashup application "What Movie Is That ?" using the KooKoo API for the event Desert Hack 2012.
"What Movie Is That ?" is a cloud telephony application based on the KooKoo API. When the user dials the number associated with the application, the application records the users voice. It then uses the Google Speech API to convert speech to text. It then uses the TMDB API to retrieve movie details associated with the movie name obtained from speech-to-text conversion. Finally it sends an SMS to the user with the details of the movie requested.Technologies Used
KooKoo Telephony API
Google Speech API for speech to text conversion
TMDB API to obtain movie details
Language Used: PHP
App Details
The Phone Number associated with the application on KooKoo is 01166487675
On dialling this number it takes to the URL of the application - http://mykookooapp.herokuapp.com/main.phpThe app is already hosted, so just dial the number and follow the IVRS instructions.You will be asked to say the name of the movie.Post that you will be informed with what the application could detect - the transcribed text or a "sorry" message if the app could not detect any valid word or if it couldnt find a movie with the word. If it found a matching movie, it would indicate that it is sending you a message. An SMS would shortly appear on your phone with the movie details.You will then be prompted to enter DTMF input based on whether you want to continue or exit the applcation.Note that due to Google Speech API being used you need to loud and clear when you speak the movie name. Also make sure there are no background disturbances like fans, birds, etc.
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m400uufLp8&feature=plcp
Idea: shareSMSride
Idea is very simple, to propagate a much less utilized service in India, carpooling.
We are building an SMS bot using KooKoo services, to register everyday SMS users who
are willing to commute long distance by sharing their own cars or cabs.
The app will generate notifications when another ride sharing user is found and will also
facilitate the communication between them to plan their shared trip. Users are also
provided the functionality to share their reviews through a call.
Instead of directly letting the users handle the business, we are introducing carpool
service agencies as a middlemen who can provide cabs to willing carpoolers. Complete DB
of registered riders is shared with the carpool service agency with their carpool requests,
which then approves a trip, goes and hires cabs for them. All such updates are notified
to the users. So, this becomes a complete backend support for any carpooling service
agency in India.
All the SMS communication is routed through KooKoo and the reviews are also done by
voice call services provided by KooKoo.
Overview of the system with keywords supported:
All SMS are sent to 09227507512 and all voice calls are to be make to 911166488099.
How the everyday user uses it: 1. Registration:
CARPOOL register <first name> <last name>
2. Providing information about himself (to be used as a filter while setting people together):
CARPOOL info <M/F> <S/NS>
3. Providing one's own preference for a fellow rider:
CARPOOL preference <M/F> <S/NS>
4. To make a request for a carpool:
CARPOOL trip <start city> <end city> <start time>
5. To group chat with fellow riders of a particular trip:
CARPOOL chat <trip ID> <message>
6. To give an review over a voice call:
Give a call to 911166488099
7. To get a list of all supported keywords:
Functionality provided to the carpool service agent: 1. Registration:
CARPOOL register agent <first name> <last name>
2. Providing information about himself:
CARPOOL info <company name>
3. Notify all users who have requested for a particular trip when it is approved:
CARPOOL notify <trip ID>
The complete Database sql file has been shared with the app, it goes by the name shareSMSride_DB.sql
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF1YP11hh54&feature=plcp



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