From Flow to Fight to Freedom

On a spectacular mid spring morning, I was in my kayak flowing down the Allegheny River, solo. The sky was a brilliant azure blue and the trees on shore were shimmering with their newly minted leaves as they rustled in the soft breeze. This was a first for me. I was so aligned with the Divine that I literally felt at one with mother earth. It seemed like I was rocketed into the fourth dimension, where “anything felt possible,” sorta like when you fall in love. But I digress. Let’s just say that Bear Grylls had nothing on me. I was in the flow, metaphorically and literally.

After about an hour, the current, along with my adrenaline began to pick up speed. The faster it moved, the greater the thrill and my vibration began to soar. The experience became exhilarating. I was navigating with such grace and ease that I felt like a pro. I was in pure heaven and having an adventure with God. Definitely a heightened state of bliss.

Then. It. Happened.

My kayak slammed into an unseen bolder and I went flying out. As my head surfaced, the water around me turned white and I was engulfed in the rapids. Instantly, I forgot everything I was taught. Struggling to stay afloat, I found myself headed towards a huge backwash and within seconds — I went under.

I was no physical match for the relentless current that was tossing me around like a load of laundry. The harder I struggled to escape, the more dibilitated I became. Resistance was futile. I had long since run out of air and the turbulence was merciless.

This was it. The Marine in me had nothing left to do but to stop fighting and surrender.

I. Let. Go.

In that instant, my exhausted body simply popped to the surface and the current carried me safely to shore, to freedom. I’ve haven’t been in a Kayak since. However, this experience became a profound metaphor for life. You see, there will always be obstacles along our way, some small and some will seem insurmountable. Please hear this. When we stop trying to force things, when we quit fighting and trying to manipulate from a place of fear and begin to accept them exactly as they are, our vibration raises naturally. Acceptance is not resignation, its the portal to the answer we are seeking. The Universe then shows and flows the solutions to us in ways we could never imagine. I know, I get it, it feels counter intuitive. It’s a fricken huge paradox. However, that’s exactly the way it works.

If you like, here’s the affirmation that came from my adventure with God: Moment by moment, I surrender to the divine flow of life. I allow it to have it’s way with me and in so doing, I am always carried to freedom.

By the way, don’t take my word for it, give it a try and watch what happens. However, it’s not necessary you throw yourself into some rapids. You’re life experience will be all the evidence you’ll need… : )

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