Take the Road Less Traveled

Photo by Tyler Tarte

That’s my buddy Tyler, a world traveler, a true mountain guy and seeker of Truth. He reminds me that we are breaking free from an old map based on themes of separation, fear and lack in all its iterations. Instead, he leads the adventure by using a unique GPS, Gods Profound Spirit. These directives flow from universal truths of love, beauty, creativity and kindness. Our fuel is a high vibrational energy, calling forth remarkable traveling companions who joyfully co-create with us in exciting and harmonious ways. This astonishing adventure can only take place on the famed road not taken.

Our path is filled with unlimited opportunities from which a new world is now emerging. It is adorned with sign post of imagination and inspiration. Once a land of Make Believe, it now becomes a physical manifestation of collaboration and cooperation. This ever expanding goodness unveils itself before our very eyes. Like the road ahead, the innovation flows wide, open and free, expansive beyond measure, taking us to a unified field of infinite possibilities. We are now traveling in the over flow of love with creative expression, joy filled interactions, harmonious and inspired relationships and fantastical ideas.

On this path, anything other than God is seen for what it is and quickly fades away, as all things temporal do. Only the qualities of that which is eternal and good and lovely remain. And if we get stuck along the way, we simply call Triple A. Assurance of the Absolute Authority. Because there is only one Authority, one Power and one Presence, and that is Love and Love only, from whom all blessings flow. That is how we take the road less traveled and that is what makes all the difference.

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