Solar Bears & Michael Robinson Drop Psychedelic ‘Supermigration’ Short Film

I’ve had the privilege of watching as experimental filmmaker Michael Robinson and Dublin-based electronic band Solar Bears planned and executed their mesmerizing short film Supermigration.

The result isn’t a typical music video. It grew out of Robinson and Solar Bears’ desire to have a short, experimental film act as an experiential door into the new album’s world. An independent artifact that had an umbilical cord linking it with the Supermigration album.

When I first heard their concept, I enthusiastically pitched it to VICE’s The Creators Project, and the video just premiered today.

“The record is its own rewarding experience, and if I’ve done my job properly I’ve taken care to respect it every step of the way visually,” says Robinson. “My instinct was that the best approach was something in the short-form format, and there are only certain tracks that are featured in the film itself.”

Watch the Supermigration short film and read my full interview with Michael Robinson over at The Creators Project.

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