All you have to do is make $100.

Every day.

When I was starting out as a freelancer, I didn’t know much I needed to make. I thought I was doing well, but it was hard to get perspective on a day-to-day basis.

So I set a goal.


You can hold it in your hand. It’s attainable. And if you earn that every single day, then you’ll make a reasonable living.

It gave me a new conception of how much a job was worth. A $700 job was now worth a week. A $3000 job, a month. By mentally converting money back into time, I understood my work’s worth.

It also helped me to understand how to spend money. We’ll take $20 out for taxes. $10 for savings. $30 for rent. $7 for health insurance. Lastly, $15 for food. That leaves just $18/day to cover everything else in life. Cutting it a bit close, but my $100/day was the base of my goal. Enough to get by, not enough for a glamorous lifestyle.

So what does a livable income look like?

A whole lot like $100.

Note: For those living in New York City, San Francisco, or other high-dollar areas, make this $200/day. Sorry, y’all. Same goes for those with families to support. Scale as you deem appropriate for your situation.

Double note: On the other hand, more frugal people living in more affordable areas could drop this down to $50/day. But maybe aim a little higher?