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About me and what I do

Want to chat? Drop me a line @tomhewitson or email me at tom@tomhewitson.com

About me and what I do

Want to chat? Drop me a line @tomhewitson or email me at tom@tomhewitson.com

I’m a freelance journalist with a unique business model.

Instead of pitching articles to magazines, newspapers and websites only to see them turn up two issues late or savaged by a sub, I publish all of my own work for free online.

So how do I eat?

I use my same editorial skills to help businesses and brands tell stories and demonstrate expertise within their industry.

This generally means writing a series of articles on a subject that a business is interested in joining the conversation on that they can then share through their newsletter, website and social media presence.

The content is all of my own creation and completely independent of the business’s marketing and PR departments. The business gets to see the article before publication but I have the final decision on what goes into it.

My clients like this system as it allows them to engage industry colleagues and consumers directly while retaining an arms-length distance from their corporate brand and tone of voice.

I like this system because it allows me to uncover hidden stories that would never get picked up by even industry publications while remaining independent and transparent.

My rates are calculated on the basis of £50 an hour. A standard 600 word piece takes around three to five hours depending on the amount of research required. I will discuss discounts for bulk work paid up front.

I’d love to hear from you if you think we could work together or even if you just want to say hello. You can find me on Twitter @tomhewitson, LinkedIn and by emailing me at tom@tomhewitson.com