If you are a web developer, then I’m sure that you have heard the word “JQuery” more than a billion times! Believe it or not, nowadays JQuery plays a big role in today’s web. Of course it is possible (and not hard!) to do nearly whatever you want using pure Javascript, but when it comes to understanding other people’s codes, or use some opensource codes, then one big thing comes into battle, which is JQuery!

JQuery, with its all stuffs about beautifying web and completing dynamic aspects of pages, is the sup which any web developer, weather backend nor fronend, needs to taste. JQuery have won many competitions with web giants like Adobe Flash, and Microsoft’s Activex.

One basic advantages of using JQuery is that it provides some basic functions for working with DOM; means you can select some elements of web page, and run some actions on them. For example you can select some DIVs and collapse all of them, or change border color.This functionality needs a proper way to select those elements we want. JQuery’s selector is “$” which will be used like “$(‘‘#header’’).click(…)”.

Instant jQuery Selectors” by Aurelio De Rosa from Packt Publishing is a how-to-sample book, concentrating on this aspect of JQuery, suitable for new learners.The book is a light 70 pages step-by-step teaching manual, full of examples and sample codes.

Step-by-step examples

This book is covering selectors in deep, explaining with a full set of samples necessary for learners. Step-by-step progress covers are pretty good too.

But If I were the writer, I would prefer to mention that these selectors are not only JQuery’s. It is possible to use all (most!) of them with pure Javascript, and CSS. And for those ones, not available in pure Javascrip, I would mention about possible way for creating same functionality in pure Javascript.

I think another big weakness of this book is that there is not such thing as “last project”. It would be better to have a final/conclusion project at the end of the book. Readers need to know what they can do in practice!