FCC Speedrun — Tribute Page

Yesterday I concocted this crazy idea to speedrun through the FCC projects prior to the new curriculum going live and, as I am wont to do, I opened it up to others in the Chingu Cohorts as a challenge. Being that I put others up to the challenge, this morning it was time for me to get started and actually progress through it.

If you need more context for that first paragraph, FCC is FreeCodeCamp, the Chingu Cohorts are a offshoot of that, envisioned by Chance Taken, which group individuals based on goals (and I’m sure other criteria) into cohorts, thus maximizing potential for learning and collaboration, and the particular challenge I’m talking about is the Chingu FCC Speedrun Challenge.

The first decision I had to make is “what stack do I want to use”. I picked Angular 2, Angular 2 Material, Scss, D3.js, Node.js and express. I toyed with the idea of swapping stacks to something I have less experience with but decided I’d actually rather have the practice. If I somehow manage to finish the whole shebang with this stack, I’ll try to speedrun Vue.js with either Rust or Golang next.

And, thus begins my journey.

In this installment, I finished the FCC Tribute Page project.

FCC Tribute page

My first step was to create a quick mockup:

And, then I tossed together a task list in a project on github pages:

And, then — I coded it :D


  • My repo may be found here.
  • A live version of my tribute page may be found here.
  • I used Pencil to create the mockup.

Notes for me

  • Over the next projects, I need to reconfigure the favicon so it works on a prod build
  • I really need to find a flexbox cheatsheet
  • By the time I get to phase 2, I need to settle on some convention for my css (like BEM or somesuch)
  • By the time I get to phase 2, I need to figure out how to test frontend components that use Material elements — right now Karma is tossing errors for every Material element I use

Until next time — happy coding

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