Regular Expressions — A Challenge

Regex is awesome. And, difficult for beginners. But, still awesome, and powerful. No matter what language you’re programming in, mastering the art of the regular expression will make seemingly impossible tasks possible, often easy.

Plus, knowing them well makes you look all kinds of badass :D

I’m in the process of putting together a Guide for regex and it’s complete save one item for Tier 2 which I have open as a competition within the Chingus to create the resource. If you want a web development challenge that will have you creating a resource that’ll be used by others for learning regex: take a look here.

Today, I completed the creation of the remainder of the guide by populating Tier 4 with a challenge that will test your mastery of regex. The challenge is open ended (you can start anytime) and available now.

You can find it here.
You can find resources for learning regex to prep for the challenge here.