Speedrun progress — entry 5

A public service announcement

I hit the Sass part of the freeCodeCamp curriculum today.

I am not going to write a wall of text.

Instead, a public service announcement:

If you are doing one of the FCC Sass challenges, enter a solution you believe to be valid, and see it make the correct change in the display frame, but a bunch of the test cases fail, do NOT waste even a minute (much less 30 like I did) trying to figure out what you did wrong.

Instead, just submit it a few more times (without changing anything), just keep clicking the “Run the Tests” button or clicking ctrl-enter.

The platform is bugged. Sometimes your code will fail the tests even though your code is correct. Resubmit it a few times. Usually at least one of 5 submits will pass the test cases.

I bug reported it, but in the meantime, just spam submit.

Update: This workaround does not work for

Sass: Apply a Style Until a Condition is Met with @while

That challenge is bugged on Chrome, if correct code won’t pass the tests and you’re using Chrome, try another browser. I used the PaleMoon browser to pass the challenge, others report Firefox works.