Speedrun progress — entry two

Unannounced downtime with no warning and no expected duration is bad

“A pair of glasses on top of a laptop with a phone on one side and a mouse on the other” by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash


I continued on with my speedrun this evening. I finished a few more sections and was just completing the section on CSS grid and thinking “almost done with the lessons, I bet I can whip out the 5 projects and get the first cert tonight” …. and …. bam … site shutdown.

No advance notice.

No estimate for when it’ll be back up.

Downtime happens. Anyone who’s done any sort of professional development knows that — but they also know that communication is key, and a clear sign of competency.

I guess I’ll go get some sleep and hit the Speedrun again tomorrow — FCC’s been down close to an hour, the chances of it coming up in time for me to crank out some more Speedrun tonight are pretty darn slim.