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Blankos Block Party: A Free-to-play And Play-2-earn Mythical Game

Blankos Block Party — Play-to-Earn gaming has brought waves of joy and excitement into the gaming industry, and the Blankos Block Party happens to be one of the most profitable free-to-play and Play-to-earn crypto games that are currently available.

The introduction of virtual worlds and NFTs has broadened the scope of what can be done in the gamesphere, and with free-to-play open-world multiplayer crypto games like Blankos Block Party, gamers are now mesmerized with fun while also being rewarded for their efforts with in-game collectibles.

Blankos Block Party has elements that are similar to Minecraft and Roblox and is one of the most ambitious games using blockchain technology. Wanna know how Blankos Block Party works and how to earn while playing the game? kindly scroll down.

What Is Blankos Block Party?

Blankos Block Party is a play-to-earn and open-world multiplayer crypto game created by Mythical Games that allows users to create their own characters and worlds in the gaming metaverse. Launched to the gaming community on December 10th, 2020, Blankos Block Party is built on the EOSIO blockchain.

Blankos block party is a free-to-play game in which players can create game worlds without needing to know how to code, as well as collect, customize, and sell NFTs of characters and objects created by developers and major brands. It’s a play-to-earn game that rewards users with free NFTs as they progress through the game.

How Blankos Block Party Works

Blankos Block Party is a fun open-world multiplayer game that is themed after a massive block party. Players will be able to use various Blankos characters to complete various challenges and missions. These earn the players points, which they can then exchange for the in-game currency Moola.
Furthermore, through gameplay efforts, players can earn NFT assets, effectively creating value by spending time in the game world.

Blankos characters are NFTs that can be customized with various accessories and add-ons. The Blankos x Burberry characters NFT collection, which sold out in seconds last year, was one of the more notable collaborative projects. It is important to note, however, that NFTs are not required to play the game. Anyone is welcome to begin.

Blankos Block Party includes another community-focused mechanic, in addition to playing and unlocking rewards: user-generated content. One of the central tenets of the Blankos Block Party platform is that players can design the experience they want.

Players can create their own Parties, which include a variety of gaming modes such as shooting, racing, and collection style challenges. Furthermore, creators can combine all three. With the 2022 roadmap, it is not out of the question that some gameplay improvements will result in new game modes for the Party builder.

Blankos Block Party Tokens

Blanko Bucks and MOOLA are the two in-game coins or currencies supported by Blankos Block Party.

Blankos Bucks
Blankos Bucks are the game’s hard currency, which can be used to purchase Emotes, items, accessories, and Blankos. Blankos Bucks can only be obtained by purchasing them with real money in the in-game store.

Moola is the game’s soft currency or coin. MOOLA can be earned by playing and spending more time in the game. MOOLA can also be earned by participating in Block Parties, completing gigs and challenges, and leveling up your Blanko. MOOLA

MOOLA can also be used to buy Emotes, Build items, and accessories. MOOLA can be purchased in the game for Blankos Bucks at a 200-to-1 ratio.

How To Play Blankos Block Party

At the time this article is been published, Blankos Block Party is only available on PC. To play for free, go to their website and follow these steps:

  • Sign up using your email address and password
  • Enter the name of your game character, specify your country of residence and DOB
  • Click the “make my account” button to initiate the download
  • An online game launcher will be available for download after the redirect
  • Install the game according to your operating system (Windows PC or MAC)
  • Have fun, complete missions, try one of the daily challenges, hold a giant block party, make new friends and take full advantage of the Blankos Block Party gameplay.

Blankos Game Modes

Blankos Block Party has 7 different modes. Let’s walk you through these modes so that you understand what to expect in each mode.

Build Mode
The Build Mode pushes you into an empty world where you can leverage your design skills freely. The mode has a block budget, which limits the items you can use. Plus, it limits the size of your block. You can use props to decorate your world to your taste. The number of props is on the increase as the game grows.

In the shooting mode, you are able to kill your opponents and unlock different Blankos using unique skills.

The racing mode allows you to battle other players to complete the track. You will be able to achieve this by following the prescribed route for the level or ways that you find yourself. As you follow the prescribed route, you will encounter different checkpoints along the way that must be crossed.

Vibes Collecting
Vibes are your character stamina. Your character will be able to use their in-built abilities upon the collection of vibes. Please note that vibes are placed in different parts of the game. Collecting vibes is allowed within a certain period of time.

Platforming is integrated into all the other modes of the game. Platforming allows players to avoid obstacles. Players can leverage their skills and also use timed jumping to navigate from one platform to the next.

The trial mode is a place where you can test-run your gaming skills before jumping into the real game. You will be able to test-race against the clock to determine whether or not you can make it to the leaderboard. The Trial mode is a good area to get better at the game.

Gumballs were recently introduced into the game. They are consumable items and additions to accessories and Blankos characters. They let you upgrade your character features like changing colors. There are different ways to acquire Gumballs — by using your MOOLA/Blanko Bucks or by progressing with the Party Pass.

How To Earn On Blankos Block Party

  • One of the commonest and easiest ways which one can earn from the blankos games is through daily rewards. Performing daily tasks to gain rewards gives you more opportunities to get perks to earn blankos.
  • Another way to earn from Blanko Block Party is by trading your Blanko in the mythical marketplace. Most people do not have that time to begin to level up their blankos, they would rather showcase them in the marketplace.
  • The third way is by joining the creator crew and getting paid to promote the game.

Blankos Block Party F.A.Q

What Is Blankos?

Blankos are funny and vinyl digital toys brought back to life inhabiting the Junction, and their world. Each Blanko is a digital asset standing as NFT that lives on the blockchain. When you own your Blanko, you forever own them, and not even the creator can take them from you. Your Blanko is your NFT and can be traded whenever you wish.

How To Buy And Sell Blankos

The only place to buy and sell Blankos is on the mythical marketplace. Follow these steps to buy or sell Blankos:

  1. Create a new account via https://blankos.com/register if you are a new user.
  2. Link your account and set up two-factor authentication
  3. Now, you can list your Blankos for sale or buy Blankos from other players.

How Do I Check My Challenges?

Once you’ve downloaded and logged into the game, you view your challenges by going to your Party Pass Menu by pressing the Esc key in-game.


Blankos Block Party, unlike many other NFT games, is a well-structured game with plenty of challenging and entertaining options for all types of players. Because Blankos is a free-to-play game, you can both entertain yourself and earn money. It’s an impressive project that you should look into. In terms of features, they appear to be quite cool and promising; hopefully, the developers will keep up the good work.



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