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Cornucopias: P2E, Build-to-earn, Learn-to-earn MMORPG

Cornucopias — The metaverse is a virtual world in which millions of players can live outside of their immediate surroundings. Users can use blockchain technology to create, own, and use digital assets while interacting with other people and playing games in the virtual space. We will be looking at a rare MMORPG in this article Cornucopias and how it works.

Cornucopias is a play-to-earn, learn-to-earn, and build-to-earn MMORPG located in the ever-expanding metaverse of ‘The Island’, featuring: themed zones, mini-games, and NFTs.

What Is Cornucopias?

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, build-to-earn, and learn-to-earn-Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in which players can own lands and other NFT (non-fungible tokens)-based assets that are tradeable in peer-to-peer platforms, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse (a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users).

The Island’ is a metaverse in which players can:

Play-to-Earn: Players can play to earn cryptocurrencies.
Learn-to-Earn: The game’s creators have partnered with education centers to bring gamified learning to the metaverse, where “students” will complete educational mini-games to earn rewards.
Build-to-Earn: Players can build (code) in-game items and the blueprints for those items and sell them to other players.

‘The Island’ is divided into themed zones such as ‘Wild West,’ ‘Farm Life,’ and ‘Age of The Samurai,’ where people of all ages can play a series of mini-games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn digital assets as they explore and build in our safe and secure world.

How Cornucopias Works

Cornucopias ‘The Island’ is a blockchain-powered MMORPG that allows you to play-to-earn, build-to-earn, learn-to-earn, and host-to-earn. Players can own land and other NFT-based assets in a world of unique domes, which they can trade with other users on Cornucopias’ marketplace and many secondary marketplaces.
Cornucopias is a fun, safe, and growing metaverse with one of any blockchain-based project’s most active and positive communities.

The game can be played either solo or multiplayer, and players will be able to perform tasks and challenges either together or against each other. Multiplayer elements will evolve further as the game is developed.

Also, ‘The Island’ game can be accessed virtually anywhere in the world and on most gaming devices using broadband or 3G/4G/5G internet access, giving players the confidence to devote time to building their environment and assets in the knowledge that they will always be able to retrieve, play, and trade them in the future.

The Cornucopias Games Studio is developing ‘The Island,’ which is backed by a team of experienced storytellers, developers, and thought leaders, with the goal of bringing together communities, developers, real-world companies, and games of all ages to forever disrupt the gaming space.

Cornucopias Token

The in-game utility token $COPI will be transferable outside of the game. This token is not required to play the game but serves as a means of exchange within it. There are no rewards or incentives for keeping these coins, but players will be rewarded with coins on occasion for completing tasks, mini-games, and reaching in-game milestones.

Coins can be wagered. Not for governance or network security, but to earn money or gain access to restricted areas of the game. Higher staking amounts grant players access to more levels and character levels, allowing them to explore and obtain specific items for in-game consumption or trading with other players. Stakers will be rewarded with COPI coins as well as NFTs.

Holders of NFT land, NFT property, and Cornucopias token coins will be able to vote on governance factors in the game. A majority vote will make decisions.
Voting will take place within the Town Hall located in one or many of the zones and cities. ‘The Island’ council will evolve into a decentralized government, which will have a voice in every part of the game, from fees to new development.


‘The Island’ is split into a number of themed zones such as the ‘Wild⋆West’ zone, ‘Farm Life’ zone, ‘Age of The Samurai’ zone, etc where people of all ages can play a series of mini-games, getting lost in the play-to-earn ecosystem where they can earn real-world value as they explore and build in our safe and secure world.

The more creative players can design their own items such as coffee tables, beds, and other household furnishings which can then be minted into an “Island Blueprint” that other players can then buy, gather the materials, and then craft in-game into a brand new NFT. Once created, the crafter can play with the items in their virtual dwelling or sell them to other players to enjoy or sell on again.

‘The Island’ combines gaming with Real World commerce and gives opportunities for traditional and eCommerce companies to sell and promote their real-world brands, goods, and services, to a hard-to-reach audience they have potentially never had access to before.

Available World Wide, ‘The Island’ is built on the Unreal 5 games engine which is compatible with the PC, Mobile Phones, Games Consoles, and Smart TV’s, and will be powered, governed, and be forever evolving thanks to a growing number of communities including blockchain, Unreal Game Developers, Voxel, 3D Artists and Modellers and general game enthusiasts.

Creators and players will discover a new form of currency economics where they can create and trade their own NFTs in-game or on 3rd party marketplaces, and no longer will their purchased game assets be trapped inside a single game again. A disruptive gaming revolution is upon us and Cornucopias ‘The Island’ awaits everyone to come and join in the fun of changing gaming forever!

The Island Characters


Every player starts with a human character whose features they can customize as much as they like, changing them every day if they want to. They start with an outfit but players can buy or earn NFT-based outfits with which to dress their players.

By linking their wallet player will be able to use or have represented, other Cardano NFTs in the metaverse; if they’re compatible with the metaverse. What’s more, in the future, it is possible that NFT characters -if they’re compatible with the metaverse- will be able to be imported from other games to be used in the Cornucopias metaverse; with no additional purchase cost to the player.

Characters will require energy to perform tasks, such as playing mini-games. Once their energy is depleted they will not be able to play any more mini-games until the player either recoups their energy naturally, uses an ‘Energy Boost’, consumers something, i.e. food, to replenish their energy, or receives a reward within the game that refreshes all or a part of their energy.

For completing tasks, mini-games, and attaining milestones players will be rewarded with XP (experience points). for every 1 million points earned a player will receive a new badge for their character and for every 10 million points earned the player will receive a new outfit for their character.

Non-Player Characters

There will be non-player characters in the game, some will be interactive offering challenges, in-game education, and the like, whilst other non-player characters will just be present so players aren’t wandering around in a seemingly empty metaverse.

A mount is a rideable creature that can be used to traverse the meta-verse much faster than on foot. Some will be able to run, some can fly, some can swim; some might even be a mixture of these traits. Each player can earn 1 mount freely through the completion of an in-game task or challenge.

How To Earn on Cornucopias

Playing Cornucopias “Island” will earn you two primary categories. The first is a “build to earn” model, while the second is a “learn to earn” model.

Built To Earn: The Build to Earn feature enables players to design their own game assets. They can, for example, build tables, beds, and other items for their island homes and mint them as NFTs to sell to other market participants.

Learn To Earn: The Learn to Earn model allows you to participate in educational content within mini-games and be rewarded for your progress so far.
Aside from these two factors, the game economy will be influenced by the location of the lands. Landowners, for example, can lease land to farmers in the Farm Life zone.

Cornucopians Team

The Cornucopian team is a small group of experienced software game developers, game testers, and analysts that have worked together on a number of projects made up of 4 founders from 2 previous blockchain-based companies that are self-funding the project.

ROB GREIG MCP, BSc (Hons) — Co-Founder (self-funded) — Research, cloud/desktop/blockchain development, team building, project management, Cardano Project Catalyst Fund 3 & Fund 4 funded project recipient
JOSH JONES — Co-Founder (self-funded) — marketing, blockchain, and leadership, Cardano stake pool operator (Grow Your Stake — GYS), YouTube channel owner — Cardano Chats
GEOFF HEWETT — Co-Founder (self-funded) — UI/UX, development, design, and blockchain., Cardano stake pool operator (Grow Your Stake — GYS), YouTube channel owner — Cardano Chats
ANTHONY RENICKS BSc (Hons) — Co-Founder (self-funded) — Quality assurance and customer relations, Cardano Project Catalyst Fund 3 & Fund 4 funded project recipient

Cornucopias F.A.Q

What Is The Total Supply Of $COPI

The total supply of COPI is 3,840,000,000. Token redistribution is as follows:

  • Private sale (9%)
  • Public sale (4.3%)
  • Team and advisors (24%)
  • Play to earn rewards (30.7%
  • )Staking and farming (15%)
  • Metaverse entity (4%)
  • Partnerships (5%)
  • Reserves (5%)
  • Floating liquidity (3%)

What Is Stake-to-Earn?

Staking is a way of earning rewards for holding a specific amount of COPI tokens in staking pools for a predetermined period of time. This allows users to gain a return on assets, which would otherwise be unproductive by just staying in their wallets. There are two types of staking currently available:
— Token Staking.
— NFT Staking.

Is Cornucopias Available On Mobile Phones?

There will be many mobile games developed for use on the Google Android and Apple iOS-based devices, i.e. mobile phones and tablets. Each mobile game will have some element of Play-to-Earn and will be integrated within the main Cornucopias metaverse.
All the mobile games will be able to be played as stand-alone games without a PC account, but in some cases, some mobile games will be able to affect the PC version and vice versa.


Most traditional AAA games are centralized and built by large software houses; development is in-house and pre-determined to what the company believes the player wants.

A new generation of blockchain-based games is now emerging that will forever change gaming. You can now choose what to play and get paid for it, rather than the other way around! As we anticipate The Island game, we will do our best to keep you updated on any changes



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