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CryptoBlades Review — All You Should Know About CryptoBlades Game

According to playtoearn.net, they are over 600 blockchain-established video games that allow you to earn a reward with Non-fungible tokens. So far, over 200 of these NFT games are live including Cryptoblades NFT play-to-earn game.

Interestingly, play-to-earn games are not just a means to earn cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. They have turned into a sector of the crypto market that allows investors to invest through staking and enables crypto holders to obtain a profit.

If you have been considering how unique Cryptoblades is and the financial opportunities available to those who play these games. Then, you are reading the right article; ensure that you read to the end.

What is Cryptoblades?

Cryptoblades is a blockchain-established NFT role-playing game that rewards players with SKILL tokens for participating in combat with their weapons. Developed by Riveted games, Cryptoblades is mostly played on the Binance Smart chain. In Cryptoblades, players are illustrated in unique characters that can be minted and engaged in combat to earn SKILL tokens. Additionally, weapons are forged in Cryptoblades, and characters are trained to fight with rivals in reward for SKILL tokens.

About Cryptoblades

The idea of Cryptoblades was born in January 2021. When Philip Devine, the founder of Riveted games was contemplating getting hold of his next gaming project. Before this time, Philip had actively been a part of Blockchain. As far back as 2012, but had not nursed the idea of developing a play-to-earn game called Cryptoblades. The mission of Cryptoblades is to provide an exciting environment for players to establish a bonding neighborhood around the blockchain ecosystem. To satisfy the needs of gamers around the globe.

How does Cryptoblades work?

CryptoBlades allows players to duel against each other to obtain rewards, including SKILL tokens. Players have the opportunity to build an NFT (Non-fungible token) of a formidable weapon or character to destroy their enemies. Leveling up is the fastest way to become stronger in the game. CryptoBlades players can improve their total powers by:

  • Utilizing extra characters
  • Reworking the characters
  • Providing them with special weapons.

Players can exchange their weapons and avatars on an open market. They may also trade or bet their SKILL tokens to create passive income. Every SKILL token acquired has instant value, as liquidity is prohibited.

How to reforge weapons in Cryptoblades

Cryptoblades is one of the most played games on Binance Smart Chain. This play-to-earn game allows players to train many characters, and equip rare weapons to combat opponents. In Cryptoblades, players can forge a weapon from the blacksmith or purchase them from the marketplace. These weapons gotten can be enhanced with a greater power strength through a technique called reforging.

The essence of reforging a weapon is to boast a “bonus power’ attribute to increase a player’s chances of winning during a fight. Note that more SKILL token is bought for a weapon to undergo reforging because reforging consumes more token. Fellow steps below to reforge a Cryptoblades NFT play-to-earn game.

  • Click on the blacksmith tab.
  • Choose the weapons you want to reforge.
  • Right-click on the reforge button
  • Select the particular burn weapon you want to destroy.
  • Right-click on the confirm button for certainty.
  • Confirm the gas fee transaction.
  • Your item has been successfully reforged.

How to Trade Weapons in Crptoblades

Trading with other people in Crytoblades is about trust at this point, and if its not your friend or another account that you have. There is a risk that you can always be defrauded because there isn’t any trade protocol at the moment. To get started;

Trading with other people in Crytoblades is about trust at this point, and if its not your friend or another account that you have. There is a risk that you can always be defrauded because there isn’t any trade protocol at the moment. To get started;

  • Move over to the weapon contract.
  • Link your Metamask wallet to web3
  • When the website loads up your characters, you will see a portrait on the website.
  • Click on either of the characters to view the id.
  • The Id could range from 3 digits to 4 digits.
  • Ensure that the linked wallet is currently holding the weapon to be traded. Else a 0.2 BNB gas error will be sent to you.
  • Scroll to function 17. SafeTransferForm and paste on the first field, the owner’s address followed by the receiver’s address in the second field,
  • and lastly the weapon’s ID in the last field.
  • Right-click on “write’ to pay up the gas fee transaction.
  • Once the transaction is completed refresh the page to see changes.

Top Recommendations Before Trading Weapons

  • Ensure you have a gas fee to pay for the transaction.
  • Negligence of being on the correct contract for trading weapons may lead to trading characters instead.
  • Cross-check weapon ids before there are sent to avoid the wrong send.

How to Play Cryptoblades as a First Time User

Before you attempt to start playing this game. Make sure to have your Binance Smart Chain linked to your Metamask wallet that is on the Cryptoblades game page. Also, know that you need 0.4783 SKILL and 0.0025 BNB to play Cryptoblades. To get started:

Click the plus icon next to the SKILL balance in the top right corner, That will give you two options.

  • The option on the right allows you to purchase Crypto assets such as BNB with fiat currency.
  • The option on the left “buy with Crypto” will link you to Apeswap. Where you will be able to connect your wallet in exchange of BNB for SKILL tokens.
  • On Apeswap you will need to input the amount of BNB you want to exchange for SKILL tokens.
  • After you click swap. Check the pop-up for errors. Once you accept, you have gotten yourself your first SKILL tokens.
  • Back to the Cryptoblades, you will see the recruit a character option. Here you will be able to meet level one character of random elements.
  • The first character that will be representing you as the player will have a 1-star weapon to combat will be given elements; earth, fire, lightning, or water.
  • After your purchase is complete. You will have your character and its stats in the plaza. Your character will begin at level 1 and will indicate the strength of your character.
  • To purchase a weapon. Quickly move over to the blacksmith tab.1,2, and 3-star weapons have the same attribute. While 4-star weapons have 2 attributes and 5-star weapons, have 3 attributes.
  • After you have gotten your character and weapon, you can start combat by clicking on the combat option on the Cryptoblades game page.

How to Earn in Cryptoblades

CryptoBlades is a game that requires players to play to gain. It enables gamers to earn real-world money simply by playing the game. There are numerous ways to earn money in the game, including the following:

  • Combat with your character and weapon NFTs for SKILL tokens.
  • Mint characters and items and then sell them in the marketplace for SKILL.
  • Trading your NFT objects for cryptocurrency with other gamers (BEP-20 tokens)
  • SKILL can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and then sold on Binance.

The amount of real-world money you can earn on CryptoBlades is determined by your luck as much as your talent. Cashing out your SKILL for real-world money prevents you from using it to level up and progress in the game.

Therefore, you must enjoy yourself while playing CryptoBlades before focusing exclusively on earning money. The SKILL currency swings in value similar to other cryptocurrencies, which means you earn more money as the game’s popularity grows.

About the Team of Cryptoblades

Since 2014, Philip Devine, owner of Riveted Games and creator of CryptoBlades, has owned and operated Riveted Games, releasing many award-winning titles both on Steam, the world’s largest game store, and independently.

He is also a developer at heart, having carefully assembled his team based on their prior experience developing games and blockchain applications. His team members include Kyle Kemp working as a front-end engineer, Raymond Hammarling working as a back-end engineer, and Danier Karsai working as a blockchain developer.

  • Phillip Devine — CEO
  • Nick Newcomer — COO
  • David Diebels — CFO
  • Aaron Hutton — CMO
  • Daniel Karsai — Blockchain Developer
  • Kyle Kemp — Principal Engineer

Final Words

It is clear that there is a potentiality of earning more real-time on Cryptoblades as the popularity grows. Let us know in the comments section if you have more information about Cryptoblades.



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