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KOMPETE Review: Upcoming Cross-platform Multiplayer NFT Game

KOMPETE Blockchain Gaming has indeed brought a revolution in the gaming world with a lot of amazing games that don’t only bring satisfaction, but also give reward for your passion, energy, and time. Playing games connected with your friends(multiplayer) has always been fun but having all your favorite sports games under one app that you can engage with your friends is definitely soothing.

Shortly, we will be looking at the latest cross-platform free-to-play NFT game KOMPETE. This game is a cross-platform multiplayer NFT game that allows users to connect with their friends and compete in all their favorite sports games including Basketball, Battle Royale, Golf, and Kart Racing. Wanna see how it works? kindly scroll down.


KOMPETE is a free-to-play multiplayer NFT game and also an all-in-one sports simulation game with cross-platform play. The game is a cross-platform-play hosting many popular sports like Basketball, Kart racing, Golf, Battle royale, and many more yet to be released. The game is available on the XBOX, PlayStation, Windows, Android & iOS.

KOMPETE is built on Unreal Engine 4, the world’s most powerful game engine, and will soon be upgraded to Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine has a long history of being the engine used to create some of the world’s most popular multiplayer games. The development team now has “every tool in the shop” to create an immersive playscape that incorporates sound, lighting, virtual effects, realistic physics, and more!


KOMPETE allows users to completely customize their avatar (KOMPETITOR) into whoever they want. With a full character customizer that allows you to morph your face, height, weight, muscle, and more, your options are limitless. With over 80 morphable areas, you can make anyone you want.

Choose game mode-specific attributes to allow you to play the way you want. There are countless combinations to try as you search for your ideal build.
Remember that each playstyle has advantages and disadvantages! compete with your friends in a variety of trio-based sports such as basketball, battle royale, kart racing, golf, and more! The game will soon be available on all platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 and 5!


Playing in the KOMPETE games requires just a few steps;

  • Create Your KOMPETITOR: The character customizer lets players morph anyone that they want.
  • Select Your Attributes: Select how your KOMPETITOR will play in each sport by allocating attributes. the attributes include physical attributes and skill attributes.
  • KOMPETE in Sports: Team up with your friends on any device and play all your favorite sports.

KOMPETE Game Modes

At the time this article is been published, there are just four playing modes on the game but more modes will be released when the game is out and I’d be sure to keep you updated.

Basketball: Grab a basketball and head to one of the many Mahzookoo Island basketball courts for a 3 vs 3 basketball game. The first team with 21 points wins the match. The shot clock is at 24 seconds per possession. Call your own foul

Golf: Tee up your golf ball and smack through a wide variety of par 3 golf holes on Mahzookoo Island in a 3 vs 3 “best ball” golf mode. Each player will play through the hole and the best score from each teammate will be used for the hole. Each hole is worth 1 point and if there is a tie, points for the previous hole carry over and are awarded to the winner of the next hole.

Kart Racing: Start your engine and skrrrt through the roads of Mahzookoo for a trio-based kart race of 15 people. Use utility items to help your teammates and weapons to fend off the enemy. The first player across the finish line will win the race for their team.

Battle Royale: Fly in the chuppah and drop down into Mahzookoo for a trio-based Battle Royale of 15 people. The safe circle is smaller and closes fast so be sure to loot quickly, get moving, and eliminate opponents. The last team alive secures the bag.

KOMPETE Tokenomics

The game will be governed by the game’s utility token $KOMPETE.

The token is a utility token that serves as the KOMPETE Bazaar marketplace’s native currency. The KOMPETE Bazaar is a secondary NFT marketplace in-game where players can buy and sell NFT game assets.

Clothing, accessories, basketballs, gliders, karts, weapons, and other items are examples of NFT game assets. These NFT game assets do not provide any in-game benefits, but they do allow players to further customize their experience.

These game assets can be purchased or earned by players. Players will unlock increasingly rare NFTs as they progress through the game. On the KOMPETE Bazaar, players can buy and sell those assets.

How To Earn On KOMPETE

The game is yet to be released and hopefully, other means of earning will be exposed when the game is released but for the time being, these are the few ways to monetize your time and efforts on the gaming platform:

Players who want to monetize their time playing the game can attempt to do so by racking up game XP to earn the most exclusive rewards.
Those rewards can then be sold on the Bazaar to another player, hopefully for a nice profit!
Alternatively, some players may choose to trade assets on the Bazaar, which presents a second avenue for play-to-earn mechanics.


The Modernize Games team has been working on KOMPETE for 17 months! Modernize Games’ team consists of over 20 specialists with extensive experience and expertise in areas such as C++, 3D modeling, animation, audio engineering, marketing, and more.

All members of the core development team have prior game industry experience, and our development and creative leads have previously collaborated on major projects. Justin Meister, the Founder and CEO of Modernize Games, is a former professional gamer turned successful marketing entrepreneur.
Justin’s goal from the start was to create a high-quality, scalable game that could compete with the other sports game franchises, such as EA and NBA2K.

Justin is motivated by his lifelong passion for video games and wishes to “fix” much of what is wrong with gaming. This includes ensuring that the game is always free to play and accessible to all gamers, regardless of platform, to play together with their friends.


Is KOMPETE Really Free To Play?

The game is 100% free for all players, regardless of system! Players are able to download KOMPETE, create an account, and access all the game modes without spending any money. In addition, there is NO way to get an in-game advantage by spending money on a game asset. All purchases will be cosmetic only.

When Will KOMPETE Be Released?

What we can say is that we expect to start our online, playable beta testing sometime in Q2, and will update the community if anything changes. As far as how long Beta testing will take, that will depend on what we find during Beta.
We have confidence that KOMPETE is well built and don’t expect to find any major issues, but with tech products this is notoriously hard to predict ahead of time. In general, know that KOMPETE is working to move the boat as fast as possible towards a full, public game release. Any growth in our development resources from community support will be put towards trying to make the boat go faster.

What Sports Are Playable In KOMPETE?

The initial game modes will include: Basketball, Battle Royale, Golf, and Kart Race. Additional new game modes will be added in the near future!


KOMPETE hopes to attract the mass market of traditional multiplayer games such as GTA5, Warzone, Fortnite, PubG, NBA2K, PGA2K, FIFA, Madden, NHL, and Mario Kart by providing a free-to-play, cross-platform, and fairly monetized game.

From a gameplay standpoint, KOMPETITORS should feel like they’re getting a replacement-level experience to any of the genre’s biggest titles. KOMPETE is also inspired by player-to-player secondary marketplaces like those seen in CS:GO and Runescape.



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