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Metastrike Reviews: Best First-person Shooter P2E 3D Game

Metastrike — Virtual reality games have been the talk of the gaming industry and they are developing more outstanding games with amazing features. In the last 2 years, we have seen different VR Play-to-earn Games released and several first-person shooter games but Metastrike is a must-play game for all first-person shooter game lovers.

Similar to Call Of Duty and MetaOps, Metastrike is a role-playing shooter game on the blockchain network. In the game, players can equip their shooters as they progress through levels, complete missions, and, most importantly, earn. Scroll down to know how it works and how to generate income just by playing the game.

What Is Metastrike?

Metastrike is a role-playing First Person Shooter (FPS) Multiplayer Blockchain Game with a VR gameplay feature that brings a new dimension to gamers.
The game’s overall design is patterned after the success of Counter-Strike: GO (CSGO), Call of Duty (COD), and Left 4 Dead so players can quickly adapt to the gameplay.

Metastrike has successfully raised $3,3M from major ventures list: GD10, Lavender Capital, Magnus Capital, Maven Capital, X21, Master Venture, Exnetwork, Good Game Guild, Enjstarter, OIG, Metavest, Jump Capital, and Shima Capital.

How Does Metastrike Work?

Like in other titular games, players can choose between Team, Deathmatch, and Zombie modes while armed with the best gear from their arsenal of characters, weapons, and ammunition.

Metastrike’s blockchain integration takes this gaming experience to the next level. Instead of collecting dust in their inventory and warehouse, players will now be able to trade and sell their gun and ammunition collections as NFTs. Consider selling a limited-edition Arctic from the NFT loot boxes — it will undoubtedly be in high demand among veteran Snipers!

Metastrike pits players against friends and foes in a variety of game modes and maps that keep them on the edge of their seats. The outcome of the battle will be determined by the player’s abilities, including the in-game token earnings! There are several single-player (PVE) and multiplayer (PVE & PVP) modes to try.

When players first begin the game, they must first complete a training course in order to earn their first in-game token and NFT box (common weapon/item). After that, players can create and customize their characters. Each player will be given a maximum of three characters with limited energy.

They have a daily energy limit that they can use to access the various game modes. Every day, players will be assigned tasks that they will be rewarded for if completed.

Metastrike Tokens

In the Metastrike metaverse, the dual token model is implemented where $MTT is used as an in-game token while $MTS is the governance token.

The Metastrike in-game token is denoted by the letter $MTT. It is the primary play-to-earn reward token in the game. Participants in MTT events and in-game modes will be able to unlock new maps, participate in special events, purchase regular consumables, and upgrade weapons.

In addition, users can swap to $MTS up to a certain amount (this requires the user to first hold an NFT in order to swap), but only up to that amount.

MTS is a BEP-20 governance token for the Metastrike world, and it is used for governance purposes. MTS holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, participate in the game, and vote in important governance votes (which will allow them to edit rewards as well as game mechanics).

MTS will eventually be made available for use in tournaments throughout the Metastrike universe (can be made by the gaming system or by users themselves in guild mode).

Metastrike Gameplay

Metastrike will feature single-player PvE, PvP, and Guild game modes, allowing gamers to engage in the game-play style and FPS scenario that best suits their taste.

Zombie Mode: In Zombie Mode, players can embark on individual quests, complete challenges, and missions, and earn tokens based on their performance and game results.

Guild Mode: Gamers will be able to experience the enhanced features of a metaverse world in Guild Mode. Players will be able to own Land in the Metastrike Metaverse, earning revenue by constructing a house and headquarters and designing custom games for other players to play.

Team Mode: Gamers will be able to form teams with friends and other players in Team Mode. In this PvP scenario, each team will bet NFTs and tokens on the fight, with the winning team taking all.

Deathmatch Mode: PvP Deathmatch Mode will allow players to compete in high-stakes free-for-all battles, with the winner receiving token rewards and loot.

How To Earn On Metastrike

There are four main ways to earn while participating in the game;

Play to Earn

First, as a new player, you don’t have to buy assets as NFTs to participate in the games. However, those who buy assets tend to have more profit as they play. For every stage that you cross as a player, there are rewards given as found in the traditional game models where you get coins, medals, and weapons.

Build and Earn

This option is given to players who want to use the Design Room. In this space, players can design a map for a fight by minting them as NFTs.
Once done, the community votes on the value of the map, using design, functionality, and other parameters to choose the best map. The chosen map is then added to MetaStrike’s team mode so that other players can use the map. For every usage, the designer is rewarded. Passive income!

Trade to Earn

The presence of a marketplace makes this possible because, any NFT that is minted and used, it can be traded by auction in the marketplace. A player can also decide to mint NFTs and sell them, based on what the community needs.

An upgrade is also permitted to the previous weapons a player gets. These can range from guns to bombs to whatever weapon you can imagine that’s useful for fighting. It’s a total virtual experience with full fighting functionalities.


Most blockchain projects allow users to stake the native tokens that drive activities and in return earn rewards for the staking. MetaStrike provides this option for players and users who might not be involved in gaming but want to participate in the reward system.

Metastrike Team

The Metastrike team consists of over 10 members with a strong passion for both games and blockchain technology, as well as extensive experience in virtual art, game development, and design.

Peter Nguyen: CEO & Founder at CgArt, provides external/ remote 2D/3D artist (concept, modeling, rig, animation, VFX), game developers, Former CEO & Founder SunNet ITC Solution.

Son Dinh: Former Moon farm Finance CEO, Blockchain Advisor.

Tiep Pham: Former Tech Leader/Blockchain Developer of Moon farm Finance.

Hung Dang: CSO at Metastrike, CGO of Moon farm Finance, Former Senior Growth Executive VinID

Son Nguyen: Co-Founder & Chief Game Designer, Former Co-Founder of IGDA Vietnam.

Edward Pham: Vise President/COO/Animation Director at CGArt Creation JSC.

Ann Nguyen: Art Director at Game Art/ Animation Outsourcing_CGArt,

Do Thang: Marketing Lead, Former Brand Manager of Unibrand, Former Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever.

Tuan Truong: Game Dev Director.

Khang Bui: Creative Designer — Mobile/Web Game Developer.

Hoa Dao: Blockchain Dev Lead, Deputy Director of Engineering at FinanceX Exchange/ Next Generation Exchange Ltd.

Thinh Luu: Creative Designer, Designer at FinanceX Exchange.

Toan Pham: Blockchain Dev, Web3.0 Builder.

Metastrike Roadmap

Q4–2021 Q1–2022 Q2–2022

  • Open Beta version: human AI, weapon switching, diving mode, laser sight.
  • Metaverse land sale


  • Open Beta Version: DeathMatch mode
  • Metaverse early access


  • Full 3D models
  • Release new NFTs: map, weapon skin
  • Weapon upgrade feature
  • Metaverse 1.0 version

Metastrike F.A.Q

Is Metastrike Free To Play?

Metastrike is a free-to-play game and while playing the game in free mode, players can earn tokens but not as much as those who spend money purchasing NFT weapons.

How And Where To Buy MTS Token?

MTS has been listed on a number of crypto exchanges, unlike other main cryptocurrencies, it cannot be directly purchased with fiats money. However, You can still easily buy this coin by first buying Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, and BNB from any large exchanges and then transferring to the exchange that offers to trade this coin.


For gamers that are familiar to call of duty and Metaops, this game will serve as an upgrade, and to newbies may I warn you before the time that this game can be addictive so you should watch out. The game is yet to be released but you can trade NFTs and other game tokens for the time being and we will keep you updated if there are any developments.



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