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Mist: Latest P2E NFT Role Playing Game 2022

Mist — There are numerous Play-to-Earn Crypto Games available today, but everyone’s tastes differ, so if you’re itching to dive into the blockchain game category, such as Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, or even the farm simulator game My Neighbor Alice, but prefer a more open-world experience? You might be interested in Mist, an open-world MMO with a dynamic combat style.
Curious? So, keep reading to find out if this game is worth playing and spending money or time on. Without wasting any more time, grab your popcorn, and let’s get to the meat of the matter.

What Is Mist?

Mist is a blockchain-based NFT action role-playing game (RPG) built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game, created with Unity and the in-house Mist NFT Game Framework (MNGF), provides players with an immersive in-game environment featuring five playable character classes and countless spells, abilities, and environments.

Players can battle dangerous creatures, immerse themselves in an infinite number of environments, and compete with other Universe players. There are five playable characters in the game, as well as a variety of spells and abilities that can be combined to create a unique character.

By fighting and defeating monsters in user-created dungeons or on in-game land, the player and the owner of that property share the loot. Minigames can also be created, allowing players to earn player tokens while the game owner receives a percentage of the proceeds.

How Mist Works

Mist is an open-world Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style that sets it apart from other MMOs. It has you covered whether you enjoy questing, raiding, player-versus-player battles, or simply exploring a world full of possibilities.

Questing and raiding are enjoyable, but nothing beats defeating another player in a battle of pure skill. PvP in MMOs is a time-honored tradition that remains a goal for those with an iron will to master a game’s mechanics. Mist rewards players’ dedication by employing amazing combat systems that go above and beyond the basics, providing competitive-minded players with a rewarding place to test their mettle.

Mist Tokens

The Mist token (MIST) is the game’s governance token.
Its native token will be used to purchase and swap for NFTs in-game and outside the game world. The in-game auction houses will enable players to sell their NFTs and exchange them for the native token.
Outside of the game universe, the native token can be staked and used for farming. Users will be rewarded when they stake or farm the token.

The Binance Smart Chain is linked to and synchronized with the MIST token. As a result, it can be easily, quickly, and inexpensively transferred from one wallet to another on the network. It can also enter and exit the Mist universe.
The token’s primary function is as the universe’s native in-game currency. The currency is used to buy items in-game, swap for NFTs, repair damaged items, buy mounts, and other things.

How To Play Mist

To play the game, you will need to connect a crypto wallet and connect it to the official website. Here’s a quick guide to doing that;

1. Download the MetaMask digital wallet.

2. Create a Binance account for the purchase of BNB coins.

3. Once you have BNB coins to use, they can then be transferred to your MetaMask.

4. From MetaMask, your BNB coins should be swapped to Mist Tokens using PancakeSwap.

5. Connect your digital wallet, MetaMask, to PancakeSwap.

6. Proceed to the official Mist website and connect your MetaMask.

After connecting your wallet, you can proceed to the gameplay. Mist, as an open-world action RPG, provides players with a wide range of abilities and strategies for completing quests and defeating enemies in battle.

When playing Mist, your character’s class determines his or her strengths and weaknesses. Some classes, such as the Crusader, will be better at melee combat, while others, such as the Ranger, will be better at long-range combat. Because each class has unique abilities and gameplay mechanics, each class has a distinct feel, gameplay, and experience.

To play a class, users must first purchase an accompanying NFT in order to unlock its role. If they want to play a Witch Hunter, for example, they must buy a Witch Hunter NFT. A new class, the adventurer, will also be available with no purchase required.

Mist Gameplay

There are five classes to select from. Races will also have distinct abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, adding another layer of differentiation to characters and ensuring that not all players of the same class are equal in every scenario.

Crusader: Crusaders are valiant warriors sworn to serve their god in exchange for a share of his celestial power. Crusaders, who are self-righteous and obstinate, use superior physical prowess and divine gifts to protect their kin from the influence of godless beasts and fight to reclaim control of sacred lands.
Crusaders charge fearlessly into battle, armed with devastating melee weapons and an unwavering conviction that their valor will be greatly rewarded in death.

Enchanter: Enchanters, armed with illusion spells and mental strength, can manipulate the fabric of reality itself through their spells and natural physical abilities. They, like all mage classes, are best suited for maxing DPS (damage per second) in a team environment, but they typically lack the ability to roam around on their own. They’re best played by team players who know they’ll always have a place in the raiding party.

Ranger: Rangers are adept at both long-distance and close-combat combat, making them ideal for players seeking to engage in a variety of combat styles. Rangers are masters of changing combat tactics to outwit their opponents and can easily adapt to new weapons and fighting styles.
Rangers are an excellent choice for those who are unsure of their preferred play style. They are excellent both in teams and on their own.

Shapeshifter: Shapeshifters can create potent elixirs that give them wild ferocity. Shapeshifters are skilled multi-target attackers who excel at fighting hordes of enemies with their melee abilities, taking the form of both top predators and unexpected critters. For players who enjoy melee and like to keep things interesting.

Witch Slayer: Witch hunters are trained to track down and destroy evil with chilling precision and unwavering cruelty. Obsessed with eliminating the unnatural, these ruthless assassins put nothing between themselves and their prey.
Witch hunters go to great lengths to learn how to use their opponents’ abilities against them, combining powerful ranged attacks with deft defensive spells to keep enemies at bay.

How To Earn On Mist

Mist players can take part in a variety of activities that reward them with MIST and NFT tokens that will help them improve their characters:

Players can build sandbox dungeons to entice other players to fight monsters and earn rewards. The owner of the dungeon then receives a percentage of the reward.

Monster-infested land can also be purchased and rented in this manner. The owner receives a portion of the loot once more.

The majority of NFT items and upgrades will be found as rare drops from powerful creatures or at the bottom of perilous dungeons. To find them, players must travel deep into the Mist universe and kill dangerous beasts.

Mist F.A.Q

How To Stake Mist Token

The MIST token can be wagered in and out of the game to receive rewards. Additionally, MIST can be used to purchase farmland or create shops for players to purchase items.

This allows players to earn rewards in a more immersive and interactive way. To wager MIST out of the game, CafeSwap must be used, and to do that;

  • Go to the culture pools.
  • Deposit MIST/BNB liquidity pair to earn BREW.
  • Go to participation groups.
  • Deposit BREW to win MIST.

Is Mist Free-To-Play?

The Adventurer class is free to play, allowing curious players to explore the Mist Universe without having to purchase an NFT.

Where Can I Buy Mist tokens?

MIST can be purchased on some exchanges, such as Gate.io and PancakeSwap, and then sent to your wallet. It can also be ascertained by:

  • Betting outside the game.
  • Farming outside the game.
  • Bet on the game by buying a business.
  • Farming in the game by buying farm real estate.
  • Sell an NFT or an in-game item.
  • Defeat monsters in the game.


So there you have it, a rundown of this MMORPG free-roaming game. Without any further ado, you can start battling epic monsters, exploring infinite immersive environments, and earn some cool NFTs in this blockchain-based NFT Action RPG built on the Mist NFT Framework.



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