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Ultimate Pegaxy Market And Breeding Guide For Newbies 2022

Pegaxy market and breeding guide — If you’re familiar with the horse racing game — Pegaxy, then you should know about the marketplace and the breeding features. But in case you’re still trying to find your way around the marketplace or how to breed your NFTs, then this article will be an eye-opener for you.
In a bit, we will be talking about how the game’s marketplace works and how you can successfully breed your NFTs to profit from it.

The best way to get more VIS is to get more Pega, and the most cost-effective way to get more Pega is to do this by breeding! Lucky for you, we got you covered on all the need-to-know and the step-by-step process on how you can start breeding your Pegas!

What Is Pegaxy Market?

The Pegaxy Marketplace is where players get to trade their NFTs. This marketplace is in the same domain as the game itself. In the marketplace, players can sell their breeded NFTs and can also buy other player’s NFTs and other in-game utilities. The marketplace is slightly similar to Magic Eden with its easy-to-access interface.

What Is Breeding?

Just like the way we breed our pets, breeding is the ability to take 2 NFTs and see what comes out of them if they get jiggy with it. Breeding your Pega can be very beneficial as the more Pegas you have, the better.
But one has to understand the nature of each bloodline and other factors and breed accordingly to produce a stronger and more durable generation. For example, the rarest bloodline, Hoz, is the dominant bloodline when breeding.

Speaking of the gender of the offspring, it is decided on a 50/50 ratio; there are no specific conditions or factors to determine the gender as of yet, but Pegaxy might introduce NFT foods that may affect the gender.

Breeding isn’t cheap, however. Obviously, you’ll need 2 NFTs to start. And as I will detail when we talk about cost, that’s not cheap. You’ll then need to pay both VIS and PGX to breed. You can only breed a Pega 7 times, and each successive bonk becomes considerably more expensive to achieve.

How Does Breeding Work?

As of early January, breeding your Pega for the seventh time will cost you over US$5,000. Although the first breed is a slightly more manageable US$240-ish.

There are 4 bloodlines, which in ascending order of rarity are Hoz, Campona, Klin and Zan. These define elemental affinity and to some degree your stats. You then have breed types, which come in Pacer, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Founding forms. When you breed 2 Pega, they will take on the attributes of the least rare bloodline and breed DNA in the parents.

There’s then a litany of cooldowns and timers that impact how long you must wait between breeding a Pega again and racing a new Pega. These vary based on breed and bloodline. You’ll be happy to know that the developer makes a point of saying these are metal beasts, so you don’t feel as weird when you breed a dad with its kid.

Overall, the breeding process is relatively straightforward. It just costs a lot to enjoy this side of the experience.

How To Breed NFTs On Pegaxy

1. Make sure your Pega is in Resting state so it shows up for breeding.

2. Go to the breeding tab, or CLICK HERE

3. Pick 2 Pegas (Male & Female) to pair and breed.

4. Click on Breed, type in your desired name, and approve your Pegas to continue.

5. Once approved, another Breed button will appear. Once pressed, your Pegas will breed.

6. A pop-up will notify you that a new Pega has been born!

7. Check your Stable (My Assets), and there you will find your newly bred Pega! Congratulations!

Breeding Costs

Showcased above is a table portraying the cost to breed a new Pega.

These numbers are the main factor to consider when breeding a new Pega. Remember to be updated on the breed cost chart as there may be economic changes along the way as the game progresses for the cost of $VIS and the cost of $PGX when it comes to breeding.

Great examples:

  • Breeding a 0/7 Pega with a 0/7 Pega will cost 4000 $VIS and 30 $PGX.
  • Breeding a 1/7 Pega with a 2/7 Pega will cost 10000 $VIS and 30 $PGX.
  • Breeding a 2/7 Pega with a 5/7 Pega will cost 32000 $VIS and 30 $PGX.

Pegaxy Bloodline Feature

With Hoz as its rarest bloodline and Zan as the least rare bloodline, this ideology came from the Founding Pega sale, where Hoz had the most limited supply.

Offspring is guaranteed to be the lesser rare bloodline whenever these Pega’s are cross-bred. So as an example: Breeding a Hoz with a Hoz would guarantee a Hoz. However, breeding a Hoz with a Klin would guarantee its offspring as the lesser rare bloodline, Klin.

Be sure to know your bloodlines before you breed in order for you to be certain of what comes after!


How to Buy Pegaxy Stone (PGX)

For most players, getting into the game is going to require some PGX. As it’s derived from the Polygon blockchain, you’ll need to acquire MATIC first. You can then exchange MATIC for PGX via a Polygon exchange such as QuickSwap, SushiSwap or Balancer. We’ve built a detailed step-by-step guide for you to follow in our how to buy PGX guide and also how to buy MATIC guide.


we do hope that this was insightful enough to help you start on your Pega breeding journey! Remember to use your assets responsibly and know the risks to any of your investments.



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