100 “Fine Art” Artists on Ello. Yes Ello.

Ello may be a hit or miss for figurative artists. When it is a hit, the staggering number of views may reach over 100 K.

Unlike Instagram, it allows artists to easily posts gifs, poetry, interviews, and embed videos. There are many different communities set-up on Ello including Art, Curation, Interviews, Writing, Textiles, Photography, and more. The best part is that you do not see those annoying sponsored ads pop-up as you are scrolling through your feed. Each post may bring in a few views which may seem as a fail, but if you use the right hashtags or the artwork is picked up by the right community leaders or highlighted on the front page, your views will increase past whatever your followers are on Instagram.

Ello has several curators watching posts, reblogging and adding to the various subscriptions. If you look under each of the subscriptions, there is a section towards the far right with INFO. For example if you look under Art, and click on the Info link, you will see who the curators are for that subscription.

Tag them in your posts for Art. Do not tag them if you are posting something else which is not Art. When posting, also select the correct category and use your normal hashtags which are the same as you use on Instagram. It is also important as you do with Instagram to keep your feed fresh with new work so you may gain followers who may in turn easily reblog your post without having to get an app to do so like on Instagram.

There are many other benefits Ello offers such as Artist Invites, Giveaways, submissions for publications and exhibitions and other neat stuff. They are also working on establishing new communities similar in the way that Facebook has groups.

I publish and curate PoetsArtists and here are 100 artists mostly from our tribe posting their work on Ello. Keep in mind that unlike Facebook and Instagram, Ello does not have a problem with female nipples.

1- Thomas Wharton

2- Dianne Gall

3- Donovan Christie

4- Sally Lancaster

5- Joshua Dean

6- Gemma Di Grazia

7- Cody Jimenez

8- Maggie Hanley

9- Cheney Lansard

10- Tanya Atanasova

11- Jodi Gerbi

12- Nadine Robbins

13- Alex Dewars

14- Nicole Alger

15- John Hyland

16- DebiLynn Fendley

17- Paula Saneaux

18- Jack Rosenberg

19- Yvonne Melchers

20- Daire Lynch

21- Doug Webb

22- Shaina Craft

23- Maria Jimenez

24- Brianna Lee

25- Francien Krieg

26- Tina Spratt

27- Caitlyn Rooke

28- Astrid Ritmeester

29- Vicki Sullivan

30- Hannah Moghbel

31- June Stratton

32- Nanci France-Vaz

33- Vinka Gasparus

34- Maria Mangus

35- Serena Potter

36- Lupita Carrasco

37- Kelly Fountain

38- Mary Kearney Hull

39- Kirsten Stingle

40- Stephen Mangum

41- Regina Jacobson

42- Heidi Elbers

43- Graziella Mura

44- Tanja Gant

45- Donna Bates

46- Ellen Starr Lyon

47- Kevin Moore

48- Kerra Taylor

49- Shana Levenson

50- Aixa Oliveras

51- Matthew Alfonso Durante

52- Sara Scribner

53- Alexandra Tyng

54- Daena Title

55- Cristina Serra

56- Barbara Hack

57- Matthew Ivan Cherry

58- Natalie Holland

59- Judith Peck

60- Elena Karavodin

61- Kathleen Carr

62- Nancy Bea Miller

63- James Xavier Barbour

64- Rebecca Deegan

65- Conor Walton

66- Nikole Cooney

67- Tanya Isaacson

68- Alessandro Tomassetti

69- Otha “Vakseen” Davis III

70- Sarah Muirhead

71- Claudia Kaak

72- Aida Miro

73- Maryam Gohar

74- Agnieszka Nienartowicz

75- Megan Koth

76- Erin Anderson

77- Sarah Stieber

78- Jan Anders

79- Jeffrey Bess

80- Judy Takacs

81- Rachel Sard

82- Shan Fannin

83- Lesley Thiel

84- Jeffrey Wiener

85- Alfredo Echeverria Ripstein

86- Laura Tan

87- Suzy Smith

88- Mariana Duarte Santos

89- Sara Nordmark

90- Kathrin Longhurst

91- Jeff Faerber

92- Irene Georgopoulou

93- Beth Gatza

94- Elena Karavodin

95- Jacques Bodin

96- O’Neil Scott

97- Lorena Pugh

98- Rick Price

99- Maria Teicher

100- Jim Thalassoudis