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Five Artists On Instagram Selling Art without a huge following

This is another example of quality versus quantity.

1 — Yalda Sepahpour

As I write this post, Yalda has 2935 followers on Instagram. We recently interviewed her for PoetsArtists regarding her breakthrough moment and she mentioned that she was working in a cafe and decided to quit and get to work on her art after being inspired to do so by another artist. She rented a studio which happened to be across a gallery in Los Angeles. The gallery owner Eve-Marie Bilodeau stopped by to visit and was prompted to show Yalda’s work in the Los Angeles Art Fair. The piece sold within 30 minutes of the VIP opening.

2 — Riley Holloway

Riley has 4733 followers as I write this post. It only took two very special followers, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz to land this work in the Dean Collection.

Riley’s IG was also featured in Artnet regarding the acquisition.

3 — Diane Gall

Dianne has 2844 followers as I write this and after working twenty years painting, her breakthrough moment happened last year when this piece was acquired into the Bennett Art Collection of Women Realists.

Dianne Gall recently has been added to the listing of artists represented by the Bernarducci Gallery in New York.

4 — Alicia Brown

It only took one follower to land this work by Alicia Brown in the Bennett Art Collection of Women Realists. I spotted her work after I noticed it come up in my feed from someone who I follow and is on the board at The New York Academy of Art.

I then posted it on Ello and it went viral there after first showing it through Instagram to the collectors. Alicia was on vacation at the time and it was a little challenging to get her to understand that I was for real. But everything worked out and it is now beautifully framed and in the collection.

5 — Viktoria Savenkova

Viktoria has 1410 followers on Instagram. Recently I included her in the publication for the exhibition at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art and sent the publication to a collector who contacted Viktoria to buy this work.

Painting by Viktoria Savenkova

She is now in a private collection in Illinois among many other well known artists including Aleah Chapin, Daniel Maidman, and Daniel Sprick.

Speaking of Daniel Sprick he only has 2217 followers.