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The isolation of artists is very evident in their daily lives and sometimes it can’t avoid but step into the artwork they create. Being part of an online community helps in communicating ideas, concepts, and news, and makes us feel less alone.

No country has been more isolated from the art scene than Australia until recent years when the internet brought them closer to the rest of the world. Because they understood the impact of isolation even between their own cities, they started creating art awards which in some cases escalate past the six figures. Australia may have more art prizes than artists.

One such Australian who has been working diligently on her craft is Dianne Gall. She has not won any major awards that I am aware of yet this last year she has been acquired into various collections and landed representation by one of the top galleries in New York.

Frank Bernarducci is representing her in the States while Nanda Hobbs continues to represent her in Australia.

Recently she completed two very small commissioned works. Although small in nature from her larger then life works, these smaller paintings pack a bigger punch.

Dianne Gall | The Space Between | oil on panel | 20cm round | 2018

Her series of oil paintings depict various degrees of isolation. Her use of color schemes and lighting usually having the subject facing away or in a corner, while having their roundness and curves of a back revealed to the viewer is evidently found in each of her works. Her subjects are all females.

Dianne Gall | The Arrangement | oil on panel | 20 cm round | 2018 | Nanda Hobbs Gallery

Dianne Gall’s latest to the series is The Arrangement. This work is unnerving presenting emotional narrative without having to show any facial features.

This is Dianne Gall’s trademark. She is able to convey whatever she wants even if she does live in the corner of the universe. This is also why her works sell well. They are not portraits. They are never ending stories which you may visit over and over again and never get to the last page.