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The California art scene has been dominated by testosterone since there was such a thing as the California art scene. Artists flocked there in the 1960s hoping to revolutionize Southern California with a new school for thought which was no thought at all including the likes of Warhol and Hockney. The artwork was bright and minimalist with subjects including swimming pools, fast cars, beaches, the desert, and loose women. In the 1990’s it sort of all melted into Lowbrow art.

So where does a straight laced female fit into all of this?

Painting by Serena Potter

Meet Serena Potter.

Serena’s paintings are also bright and colorful depictions of California but instead of beaches, mountains and deserts, she paints suburbia. Her subjects are females consumed by their daily lives doing ordinary things such as racing with an egg in a spoon, becoming Wonder Woman in a dark alley, checking their asses with a mirror, being explained by a man how to sit on top of a ladder while reading a how-to-book, using their blow dryer as a gun in a children’s playground, cooling off in a lily pond after a hard day’s work….


Serena Potter’s paintings are ominous and she sets the stage with humor.

Serena Potter | Holdup | oil on canvas | 35x30 inches | 2017

Her paintings and cinematic drawings could be screen shots of everyday existence but from a female’s point of view. She is also placing her own career in peril by doing so. Her craft is Fine Art.

Traditional mediums and figurative art is the hardest way to break through in a city surrounded by the influence of Hollywood.

Serena Potter is courageous in continuing with her craft and sticking to her blow dryer, I mean paint brush no matter what.


Serena Potter’s work focuses on themes of sense of self, perceived change or imperfection, private pain vs. public persona, and interpersonal connections. Her paintings and drawings are notable for their use of chiaroscuro inspired by the dramatic cinematic lighting and compositional elements used in film noir. You will also see the influence of golden age masters such as Norman Rockwell and J.C. Leyendecker. She creates paintings in oil on birch panel or canvas as well as drawings with mixed media charcoal and pastel, on cotton rag paper.

Potter received her BFA from the University of Utah and her MFA in painting from Laguna College of Art and Design, where she is currently mentoring in their MFA program. She teaches at National University, Mt. San Antonio Community College and Saddleback Community College.